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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Wallace, Erret
Lime sulphur as a summer spray,   pp. 140-149 PDF (2.9 MB)

Page 148

Mr. Moore: In using your concentrated solution of lime-
sulphur, do you use just the clear solution, or do you often find
a sediment?
Mr. Wallace: In our experiments we used the solution with
the sediment in it, mixed them up and used the two together.
The reason why we used that particular kind was that Mr.
Freer with whom we were working had already purchased
enough of it to do the spraying for the whole season. We do not
know yet what the value of that sediment is as a fungicide. We
are working along that line now and hope to have some informa-
Mr. Moore: You cannot recommend it one way or the other?
Mr. Wallace: No. I do know absolutely that Prof. Cordleyv
of Oregon and Prof. Scott of Washington have used other
brands and brands that were only a clear solution, the Niagara
put out both, a clear solution and one with a sediment in it, but
I know Prof. Scott and Prof. Cordley have used other brands
that were in a clear solution and got as good results as we did.
Mr. Tuck: There is nothing very obscure about it, as a at-
ter of fact, lime-sulphur in combining forms pure sulphites and
sulphates; these sulphites are of no value as far as anybody can
determine, and I believe Prof. Stewart determined they had no
value as far as poisoning is concerned, they are not poisons from
a chemical standpoint in any way. Prof. Stewart of Pennsyl-
vania sprayed some trees with this so-called "mud," this sedi-
ment, and he stated last year it had no value, I believe, did he
not ?
Mr. Wallace: I think that is the conclusion that Prof. Parry
has come to with reference to the value of the sediment as a
scalicide. Now, of course no one knows in regard to the value as
a fungicide; the principle is entirely different; in controlling
scale you are controlling animal life; if you are controlling fungi,
you are controlling plant life.
Mr. Tuck: You think there is some value as a fungicide ?
Mr. Wallace: I do not know.
Mr. Moore: That is the point I wanted to bring out, whether
the sediment had any value as a fungicide ?
Mr. Wallace: I have some opinions on that line, but I would
not like to express them until I am more certain than I am at
The President: Does not the lime-sulphur kill by eomutaett

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