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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Tuck, Mr.
Spraying. Arsenate of lead.,   pp. 137-140 PDF (888.2 KB)

Page 139

not see any difference between one compound and the other in
regard to its effects on the codling moth in the Wausau orchard;
one has been as efficient as the other and none of them has ever
injured the foliage as far as I can see. It is fair to say that the
material used has always been contributed by the manufacturers,
for which of course we are duly thankful, we appreciate that
compliment; they have contributed very generously indeed.
In regard to the quantities used, I have never used as much
as the manufacturers recommend, or as much as is commonly
recommended in bulletins. The amount that we have used is
about two pounds to 50 gallons, sometimes two and a half pounds,
and we never have any wormy apples.
Mr. Crawford: Is Paris green used very much for spraying?
The Secretary: It is not used so much now as arsenate of
lead. We have never had any check in the Wausau orchard; by
that you will understand, we have not reserved any trees that
were not sprayed, so it is barely possible that there would not
have been any codling moth, any wormy apples anyway, but we
have never had any there. I doubt if there was one per cent
of wormy apples in the Wausau orchard this year, and the ef-
fects with spraying with Bordeaux have been very marked in-
deed, the crop is practically free from scab.
Mr. M. S. Kellogg: Are you sure you catch the curculio with
the arsenate of lead?
The Secretary: I cannot say positively, but I think we
have reduced the injury.
Mr. Kellogg: In my opinion it is practically impossible to
eliminate the curculio with the poison, although I may be mis-
The President: I would like to say that after two years ex-
perience I am well satisfied that spraying with either Paris
green or Arsenate of lead reduces the number of curculio and
gougers very materially.
Mr. Palmer: I have sprayed this year and last year on the
Duchess trees where the curculio work the worst, putting the
poison on before the leaves start, and I think it has had a pretty
good effect, at least I did not have any curculio.
Mr. Tuck: Mr. Quaintance of the U. S. Bureau of Ento-
mology has recently written a bulletin on Deciduous Fruit in-
sects wich will answer all those questions. He states that arse-
nate of lead is an absolute control for the curculio and gives

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