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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Melville, James W.
A Chippewa County orchard of 60 acres,   pp. 99-104 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 103

The President: How long will you keep up the hay in your
Mr. Melville: As long as I can. I have a number of crops,
a rotation, just the same as if the trees were not there at all. I
raise a couple of crops of grain, turn that under, seed down,
then turn that under.
The President: Do you take the hay off ?
Mr. Melville: Take the hay off, but I put a mulch around
the trees, always keep them well mulched.
Mr. Bryant: Do you not use fertilizers?
Mr. Melville: I have hauled hundreds of loads of manure
from Chippewa Falls.
Mr. Richardson: How do you like the Tetofsky?
Mr. Melville: Like it very well; tried to get three or four
hundred trees from one nursery in New York, -they did not have
Mr. Palmer: Will they make a tree of any size?
Mr. Melville: Trees are small, but you can plant them close
together. They are a nice, hardy apple.
A Member: Do you spray your trees?
Mr. Melville: No, I never sprayed them but last year and
the year before, the Wealthys had a few black spots, they
dropped off the trees a little bit earlier and if you take them to
market they will not keep. I think I will spray next year.
The President: Have you any codling moth?
Mr. Melville: No, we don't hear anything about worms of
any kind.
Mr. Reigle: I take it for granted that what I said this morn-
ing was not understood or heard, or that I was not believed. I
did not call this man up to swear to all I said. I said there was
not any scab, no curculio and there was no blight, not anything,
except just the finest apples I ever saw. I would like to tell you,
but you would not believe if I described what I saw in Mr.
Melville's orchard. I thought when I went up in that country
I made a discovery, I thought I had run right into a real Gar-
den of Eden.
The Secretary: How much do you estimate it cost you to
produce your orchard?
Mr. Melville: It never cost me very much because I raised
good crops on the land all the time.
The Secretary: Did it cost you anything?

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