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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Melville, James W.
A Chippewa County orchard of 60 acres,   pp. 99-104 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 102

Mr. Melville: It does when it is old, but the young trees
bear fine fruit.
A Member: How many years old are your Wealthys before
they bear?
Mr. Melville: About six years, bear a paying crop at six
years, and very nice fruit. Some years I hear some people say
they drop off frequently, I do not find that fault with the
Mr. Reed: How old are your Duchess trees?
Mr. Melville: My Duchess trees are twenty years old. Ten
years are the oldest Wealthys, there was a thousand bushels on
four acres.
A Member: You have not got to shipping Wealthys yet out
of the home market?
Mr. Melville: We have plenty of chances to ship them, but
so long as we can sell them at home we do not want to ship them.
Mr. Daub: It is the finest orchard I ever saw, not excepting
Yakima Valley or the Pacific Coast where I have been.
Mr. Melville: My Northwestern Greenings are only eight
years old and they bore two or three good crc p.
A Member: Have you lost any Northwesterra Greening trees
by winter killing?
Mr. Melville: No, the second year I plantel them ont there
came a cold, dry year and the neighbors lost a few, but mine
were too young; they looked pretty sickly, but came through all
right. Then in a couple of years they started bearing.
A Member: About at what age do your Duchess come into
Mr. Melville: About six, and the Wealthy also.
A Member: Do they not nearly touch in the row when they
are twelve feet apart?
Mr. Melville: No, not at six years. My oldest orchard is
eleven years and they are beginning to touch now.
MIr. Palmer: Are your Duchess that close?
Mr. Melville: No, my Duchess are twenty feet apart each
way. I would not recommend that to anybody, because when
they get old you cannot drive through.
Mr. Palmer: You would not recommend setting Duchess
twelve feet apart?
Mr. Melville: No, they ought to be sixteen feet apart at least.

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