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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Marsh, W. H.
The 1909 crop in the Wausau trial orchard,   pp. 90-95 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 94

94      WISCONSIN STATE! Hoaic umuLw  Socmke.
had hard lines to make and keep friends but it certainly did
itself proud this season. Fruit was very large and well colored
so was one of the attractive spots of the orchards. Sold read-
ily at $1.25 to $1.50. The Wolf River if left until ripe on
trees, then placed in cool cellar until about Jan. 1st is not a bad
apple to bake. It will prove itself better than some of the
western fruits if given a place.
Malinda: The Malinda is a good annual bearer, small but
a handsome pear shaped apple, yellow skin and crimson blush,
almost sweet, quality fair, not very juicy. It is hardy and
very des rable on account of its excellent keeping qualities.
March to April.
Avista: The Avista made a very fair showing this season
of medium sized fruit, color dark green and slightly striped,
very good quality. Is desirable as a good keeper. March to
Hibernal: The Hibernal bore a very heavy crop of ill-
shaped fruit. I consider it one of the least desirabre of any
tried out in orchard. They are about size and shape of tie
Duchess but of poorer shape and quality. Sold at about '/2
price of other standard varieties. 50c to 75c per bu. In bbls.
they do not keep well as they develop small black spots in ripen-
ing. Very hardy.
Longfield: Small but sound, 75c to $1.00 per bu.
Wendorff: Is a Marathon Co. product. Tree bore a heavy
crop of very handsome fruit. It is a large, shapely apple of
transparent yellow and red blush and very good quality as a
cooking or desert apple. November to December. A good seller.
Newell & Dominion Winter both made good showings and
fruit sold very readily at an average price.
Eureka certainly is an apple worthy of note and is one of
our best types of sweet apples. It is a heavy bearer of the
cluster type, a good sized fruit, green with red stripes, a sweet
apple of quality and a good keeper.
Alma is also a good sweet apple but smaller in size and not
the quality of the Eureka but a good keeper.
Milwaukee made a good showing of fruit, fair quality, color
green skin and red stripes. A good keeper.
Virginia Crab did itself proud, fruit large and very high-
color. On account of its high color, excellent keeping qualities
and free from blight, I consider it superior to our old faithful,

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