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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Cranefield, F.
Report of superintendent of field work for 1909,   pp. 86-89 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 87

Orange, Seek-no-Further, Uttcr, Scott Winter, McIntosh, Wil-
low Twig, Lily and most of the Longfield and Northwestern.
The varieties which persist and thrive are, Duchess, Wealthy,
Hibernal, Patten Greening, Okabena, Malinda and all of the
crabs including Briar, Sweet Russett, Martha and Hyslop.
I am inclined to believe that our variety test'ng at Poplar has
been fairly well done, that we need carry it no further and that
the list just given comprises about all in apples that may be
grown in the Superior Red Clay region.
MAPLE: The orchard is doing as well as can be expected with the
intermittent care it receives. This is the faul of the Superin-
tendent and resident manager jointly. It is too early to give any
conclusions or to form any comparisons between this and Poplar.
BARRON: The Poplar story is being retold at Barron. McMa-
han, Wolf R-ver, Northwestern, Longfield, Fameuse, Tolman,
Utter and McIntosh are rapidly disappearing while Duchess,
Wealthy, 'Patten and Hibernal are thrifty.
Much yet remains to be told at Barron.
MEDFORD: A change of contract at Medford has exerted a
marked influence on the orchard. With more thorough cultiva-
tion the orchard has improved wonderfully and we may soon ex-
pect to get returns from this orchard.
STURGEON BAY: This orchard leased Jan., 1908, for years has
fulfilled all of our expectations. The entire expense for prun-
ing, cultivation, etc., for the season amounted to but $44.50, rent
$45.00 making in all $89.50.
The crop brought $312.48 net the entire expense of picking,
packing, barrels, freight and commission be-ng deducted. This
leaves a clear profit of $223.00 for the year 1909; deducting
from this the rent and care for 1908, when we had no income
whatever there still remains a net gain of $113.25 on this little
piece of rented orchard and now that we have the orchard in
good working shape the returns should increase rapidly.  I
estimate that the Society will clear $1,000.00 on th:s transaction
by the time our lease expires in 1914, or quite enough to buy
the land.
WAusAu: Nothing can show more clearly the rapid develop-
ment of this great state of Wisconsin than the history of our trial
orchard at Wausau.
When this orchard was established in 1897 several of our
members and many more outside of the Society considered it a

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