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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Cranefield, F.
Report of secretary,   pp. 77-86 PDF (2.1 MB)

Page 85

sailk couotty.
30 trees, Fameuse, net return $220.50.
14 treem, MeMahan, net return $91.00.
Marathon Couaty.
1 Patten Greening tree Wausau orchard 141/_ bus. @ $1.00
per bu. $14.50.
Door C(ounty.
8 Acres, 700 trees, 3,529 cases @ $1.15 or $4,058.35.
600 trees, 3,449 cases @ $1.15 or $3,966.00.
300 trees, 1,750 cases (a) $1.15 or $2,012.50 trees all twelve
years old.
1 Acre, 500 cases @ $1.15 or $575.00.
Average of 500 acres $172.00 per acre.
These are not quite up to the figures from the irrigated and
smudge pot regions of the West but neither is the investment
so great.
A prospectus of one of these western development companies
offers land at $450.00 per acre. For this sum the company
agrees to furnish 80 trees per acre, plant and cultivate for a
period of 5 years.
The same th ng can be done in Wisconsin in a dozen different
counties for less than $150.00 per acre including cost of land
and assuming cash to be paid for all labor.
The owner of 80 to 100 acres of farm land can plant 20 to
40 acres of orchard on this farm and by judicious cropping and
manuring bring it to profitab'e bearing without a cent of ex-
penise beyond original cast of trees. The orchard should begin
bearing at 6 years and the cr,.p the tenth year should pay for
the entire Investment, land, trees and labor to date.
The-e statements are not simply wild guesses but are founded
on estimates submitted by five of the best informed fruit grow-
ers in the state.
I have here outlined in this rambling way the activities
of the societv for the past year and having thus fulfilled
my duty to you I should rightfully close that you might
take up other matters of more importance and interest but I

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