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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Hager, W. S.
Some recollections of a hurried trip through the northwest,   pp. 23-26 PDF (862.8 KB)

Page 25

bearing, mostly apples, although peaches, plums and cherries do
well. Trees make a wonderful growth and commence bearing at
three years of age.
Leading varieities grown are the Wine Sap, Delicious, Spitzen-
burg, Jonathan, Rome Beauty and Black Ben. Saw William
Turner's orchard which produced the prize car load at Spokane
last year. W. T. Clark has one hundred acres. Leddy Bros.
have one hundred twenty acres, ninety acres bearing. Every
man in town seems to be an apple enthusiast. And they have
the goods. I did net see a dead tree nor a blighted twig or a
wormy apple. They spray three times and have a thorough
inspection of orchards and fruit. They get from $2.00 to $2.50
per box, F. 0. B., 'and the returns are almost incredible. I
talked with Leveral growers who claimed to have received last
year from twelve to fourteen hundred dollars per acre, net.
Very few orchards are for sale and these at from two to three
thousand dollars per acre. Saw several who claimed to have re-
fused three thousand.
Raw land that water can be gotten on is worth $500 an acre.
Nearly all the land below the ditch is all set. However there is
a pipe line acrozs the Columbia and that side is being developed.
There are various pumping schemes and irrigation projects up
the Columbia which perhaps are as gocd as Wenatchee.
They certainly are raising some fruit as they shipped one
thousand cars lat year. What will they do when the other
eighty-five per cent. of the planting comes into bearing?
Will the favored valleys of the West be able to over-stock the
apple market?
Mr. Kellogg: You did not invest while you were there?
Mr. Hager: Not yet.
Dr. Loope: Are you going to?
Mr. Hager: The future is. uncertain.
Dr. Loope: Are they sure of getting a crop every year?
Mr. Hager: They must have got a crop last year, for they
shipped a thou and cars, and they certainly have a crop this
year-not all varieties were bearing this year, but I saw a
large percentage of the trees were either propped up or should
have been propped up.
M3r. Reigle: Did you learn how long after trees are set they
begin to bear.

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