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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. Proceedings, essays and reports at the annual winter meetings, held at Madison, Feb. 1, 2 and 3, 1870 and Feb. 7, 8 and 9, 1871
(1871 [covers 1870/1871])

Leitch, W. T.
Address of welcome,   pp. 9-10 PDF (388.0 KB)

Hobbins, President
Annual address,   pp. 10-15 PDF (1.4 MB)

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and shrubs, and who by experiments and study shall ascertain and point out
them the fruits that will grow and thrive in this state, and shall teach
how to grow
and care for them, so that they can plant with a certainty of eating of the
thereof in due season, will be entitled to the eternal gratitude of the people
of the
state of Wisconsin; and the benefactions which this and kin Ired societies,
if true
to their vocation, may bestow in wealth, happiness and comfort upon the people
this noble commonwealth are incalculable.
Appreciating to the fullest extent the labor you have to perform, and believing
that the members of the State Horticultural Society are possessed with the
zeal to worthily perform it, the members of the Madison Horticultural Society
you welcome to this city-knowing that your discussions will instruct and
us in our work
It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the Madison Horticultural
was never in a more prosperous condition than at the present time. The interest
in its work and discussions is constantly increasing in this community. During
last year we have had large accessions in membership, many of them of much
scientific and practical knowledge of horticulture. At our public exhibitions
has been constant increase in the number of exhibitors of plants, flowers
and fruits'.
and we believe we can with truth say that the evidences of our work can be
seen in
the increasing beauty of our city and the homes of our citizens.
Then, with the fellowship of a common object, we offer you the right hand
brotherly greeting-trusting that your brief sojourn here may be as pleasant
agreeable to you, as we know it will be profitable to us.
President HOBB1Ns briefly responded, and read his
Gentlnten .-In looking over the reports of several state horticultural societies
the past year, I find that I have been trespassing upon your good nature
by the
lengthiness of my annual addresses. Thus admonished, and more especially
as I
have nothing to present to your notice on this occasion requiring anything
than ordinary consideration, my address to-night will be as brief as custom
Then, gentlemen, to commence with, let me congratulate you as a society upon
your last exhibition, which, in spite of an almost unprecedented wet season,
ded by an equally unprecedented season of drought and an almost snowless
was distinguished by a better collection of fruit than ever before exhibited
in this
state. The marked feature, however, of the exhibition, to horticulturists,
was the
great variety of good and new fruits originated within the state-fruits eliciting
highest praise and expressions of astonishment, again and again repeated,
Dr. Warder and from members of our own society. I would also offer you my
congratulations upon the very complimentary manner in which your last year's
cussions and papers have been received by the horticultural press and the
Such a report as your last is a credit, an honor, and a material service
to the state'
Nor is it less a mater of congratulation that the most friendly and harmonious

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