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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / The Cranberry. A compendium of its cultivation, commerce, cookery, etc.

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Standards of Excellence -Fine Quality, Full Quantity Feir Quotations.
Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Associatioli
President, CHAs. BRIiERE, (Grand Rapids. Vice-Prersident, 8. -N. WmNrLESEY.
Cranmoor; Secretary, W. H. FITCH, Cranmoor: Treasjrer, Ml 0 POTTER, Cen-
tralla: Member Executive Committee, A. E. BF.-4Ni.r, Grand Rapids.
Improved Varieties-At the experimental Station l;ated betweeu Elt Lake and
Cranmoor there nre being tested and propaiated over 100 different kinds of
the best known and proved speoies. Cuittinig. liom these vines will Ie dis
poeed of under rides and regulatiois of the Executivi' Commit-ee.
Utter Grading and Packing-To establish and lake measores to insure the use
uniform packages for marketing the fruit so as ti secure the couitidence
or dealere
and purchasers by this evidenee or fair and hmoraible dealing.
Extensies of Iarket-To enlarge the areti of ti e market through detinite
and direct
action, and increasiug consumption hy making known wholesome and culinary
tue and value of the cranberry.
Reports. Bulletins, Crop Estimates, Etc.-To advance the inteiesti of those
in the industry by obtaining and distributing statistics or lhe condition
m f the crop
in this and other states from time to time, aid disseminate information and
tion calculated topromote the in ierests of the (ultivatir.
Mailing Lsts.-A roll of leading 1 rowers et al in h hL' nited State- and
Canada re-
vised to date of purchase, can be had of Secretary, (Cranm or, Wis., price
Two Dol
lars $2.0 1; na es of Wi consiii growers One Dollar ($l.tUi.
Ordieary--Arnual fee, fifty cents 5(0) Lwhich man be sent in stampsJ. A prompt
remittance by tbose in arrears, and others desiring to join the association
will be ap
Afxillary.-Besides growers, the associatiom. makes eligible and welcomes
to mein
bership th. se, who more or less connected with, tihe industry, recognize
a mutual
good and gain in the aims and accomplishments of the organization. viz:-Improved
quality of of fruits; better grading and packiig; exten ion of market; increased
consumptlon, by making known culinary aid wholesome virtue of the eraiberry.
and collection of statistics, etc.. of interest and value.
Ufe.-From conusderationof cotivenienve and that the usefulness of organizatioi
may be more immediately enlarged and extended a LIFE  ROLL has been es
tabilshed the fee for which five dollars ($5.'J0) will cover all future dues.
The names
of such members will be pubilihed in ainnual reports of assiciation, together
poitofflce address, shipping station and business cards, the latter feature
of which it
is believed will be fouud of co-service and- benefit.
Ta Correaodets.-- Requests for special information should be accompanied
self addressed stamped envelope
To Advertisers -Our publications being accredited as authoritative, their
value as
an advertising medium is apparent and cards from reliable firms will be received
following flat rate:
Reports of January and August meeting, One Dollar per card (It pagel.
Bulletins, Crop Estimates, etc., One l)ollar per card lone-twelfth page .

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