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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / The Cranberry. A compendium of its cultivation, commerce, cookery, etc.

A cranberry idyl,   pp. 14-18 PDF (845.2 KB)

Page 18

Then there's another brand,
Put up by Edward Kruger,
"stand your berries out to freeze,
Don't take half the sugar."
Now if you've any tools
T.tat's completely gone to smash,
And you snow you must replace them,
Just call on Larry Nash.
He's a splendid man to deal with,
Although sometimes rather queer;
If you kick about the price,
He'll throw in a keg of beer.
Now when your berries are all so'd
And you think you're getting richer,
And you've any job work to do,
('all on "Pat, the ditcher."
He will dir your ditches crooked,
Or else he'll dig them straight;
He will fill out all your orders,
If you have the time to wait.
And your dams he'll lay up tine
For he's loaded down with proof.
He'll lay your sods double-jointed,
Like the shingles on your roof;
And he'll take any kind of a job
From a rod unto a mile,
Or he'll ditch cleati to Milwaukee,
If you'll make it worth his while.
So now my friends I've shown
You of our life,
From the spring until the fall;
Bear with me a moment,
For I have not told you all;
And when it's in the winter,
And the snow is on the land,
We hitch up our teams
And haul on lots of sand.
Now I hope you've all enjoyed yourselves
But as sure as I'm a sinner,
I think the best part of all
Was that grand convention dinner.
To the ladies of this association,
Who have worked so hard today,
To try and entertain us,
While we've been like kids at play,
I do move you Mr. President,
We lay aside our pranks,
And one and all
Unite In giving them,
A unanimous vote of thanks.

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