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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / The Cranberry. A compendium of its cultivation, commerce, cookery, etc.

A cranberry idyl,   pp. 14-18 PDF (845.2 KB)

Page 17

With that awful tired feelin-.
Now when it comes September,
And cool weather does begin,
They bustle after pickers;
They must get their berries In.
And they hitch up horse and buggy
And drive from town to town,
And go out in the country,
And go for miles around.
And they say, "I've got the best marsh.
I know It can't be beat;
You can stand in water all dav long
And never wet your feet.
And my shanties arA the best,
I don't care what you say;
And every night a place to sleep
Upon the best of bay."
You got the promise of a hundred;
You think you'll get some more;
But when you start to pick your berries
You'll have about fifty-four.
Then the crew all starts In;
The berries are ripe and thick,
And the boew, he comes along,
And pokes you with a stick;
And when you look around,
You think he's awful mean,
When he says, wMr. man, Mr. man,
You pick those berries clean."
Just step Into the hall some night,
You'll see suiks that're tailor made:
And the style that you willeee there,
'Ii throw King Edward in the shade.
The last dance is the ladies' choice;
Now from the hall don't roam,
For if a girl should choose you,
That's a hint to take her home.
Njw your crop, it is all gathered,
And its piled up very high;
They are put in bushel boxes,
And they are left In there to try;
And soon the girls will come along;
They think tast they're in clover;
And that they will get the job
Of picking berries over.
Then they talk about their lovers,
Some are dandies on the fiddle
A .d about the other fellows-
Who p.irt Ineir hair
Down through the middle.
And amid this din and prattle,
Th: foreman shakes the barrells well,
Fr the buyers say
The berries Ehould nout rattle.
Then he puts in "Cultivated Cranberries
Grown by so and so,
Fourteen uiles belw Grand Rapids,
Where the best cranberries grow."
And he'll put on "Four Ex Pie berries,
Finest in the land,
Warrantad not to shrink,
And all climates they will stand."
There is a brand I think they call the
That's for Thanksgiving dinner,
And they make the best of sauce.

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