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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / The Cranberry. A compendium of its cultivation, commerce, cookery, etc.

A cranberry idyl,   pp. 14-18 PDF (845.2 KB)

Page 16

We the old McFarland,
And the Howe- aNo. 1.
Theni, there is the Cherry, spotted like an
And also the Bugle-looks like a wooden
i   An A the N....  -.-...t
Eat them by the hour-
But I wil! tell you one thing,
You will tind themn very sour.
The Berlin is a dandy
And they ought to take the prize,
They ripen up so even,
All so- ~ 1lif Cr- ^- in R-
That they are far better than
Rocky Mountain Tea,
And it will drive them out of business
That's between me and you
And they will have to take that sign down
Of their Indian Kickapoo.
And you may think It preposterous
But still we heard it said
That they will bring the hair back
On any oad bald head.
Now they're good for men that's strong
And they're good for men that's weak
And they're good for youthful m4ldena-
AI-U .s. U .lil{}l u1|11 bl.  I 'IwiIl put Lae nolom upon thmir cheek-
The Metalie Bell is fine:           And I'll guarantee you one thing,
Now, perhaps you think I'm bold     They will never leave a taint;
When I say the vines cost twenty cents a They are better than your powder;
pan,                           Far better than your paint,
And they're worth their weight il gold. Now they use the.n in the navy
WA'e must not pass the Jumbos       Its no more than right they should,
Trhev are of enormous size:         For Uncle Sam is on
.Jlit take a look on Bennet's marsh,  I To everything that's good.
It will open up your eyes.          Tlhey ship them to Alaska,
We hav3 the Elm Lake Rough Rider:   You ask any doctor, nervy,
In your mouth they'll almost melt:  If they aren't the best thing in the
They look like a bucking bronco-    To cure that awful scurvy.
.Just the kind for Roosevelt.       They're good for almost everything,
But with all these fancy berries    Now, that's an open question,
That have vines like Virginia Creepers, They're good for teething babies,
Ion't forget the Wisconsin Natives:  And they're good for indigestion.
For thev beat them all for keepers.  So I might laud their praiag,
Now they are using them  for medicine Away up to the ceiling,
And the doctors all agree           As they're good for all the mothers

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