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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / The Cranberry. A compendium of its cultivation, commerce, cookery, etc.

Fitch, W. H.
Secretary's report,   pp. 12-13 PDF (409.6 KB)

McFarland, R. E.
Cranberry picking time,   pp. 13-14 PDF (376.9 KB)

Page 13

paid for gathering crop. Anent the first, Hetty Green-accounted one of the
while the   constitution provides for a est and shrewdest of American women--
separate officer, as a matter of fact the is reported to have said respecting
duties have lately devolved on the secre  pensation to employes, "If
you pay 911
tary--our worthy president has given as cents, when 100 is due, you will
a reason that it was to keep the present thought a knave; if 101 cents, a
Incumbent out of mischief.             Fair-and frankness being taken as
It is said there are three kinds of lies- standards of measurement and if
white lies, black lies and STATIsTics and philosophy should faithfully,and
certainly the latter are sometimes woe- fear, rule on our marshes, it is
fully misleading, in the community we not only an abundant but an amicable
have certain classes of readers; those who number of workers would be allured
believe everything they see in the papers attracte' and the beason of picking,
-which class ts rapidly decreasing and stead  of being looked forward to--as
second those who believe nothing which many cases now-with anxiety and ap-
they see In-the papers-which class to prehension, would become      occasions
the uncredit of some of the purveyors of pleasant In the anticipation, progress
news, I amn sorry to say, is Increasing. remembrance.  Suggestions on the
The true attitude probably lies midway, ject are now invited.  W. H. FITCH,
for between absolute accuracy and total                          Secretary.
Ignorance approximate knowledge     is     CRANBERRY PICKING      TIME.
about as near as mortals can hope to
reach, and so if statistics are not infallibly By R. E. McFarlead, the Ploneer
Pest ef
correct or conclusive they still serve a            Weed Ceusty.
useful purpose in being suggestive or Don't you think that eity folks would
think it
interesting.                               very cute
To go upon the eranberry marmh to "ee Tbem
I have received a mass of correspond-    pick the fruit?
ence which in view of the high grade of if the men would takealong theirdaughters
the rest of program  prepared for today    their wives,
has been referred to a committee who They would bid good-bye to all resorts
the 6aL]
have instructed me to report later as to   ance of their lives.
conditions of crop, prospective yield and When you go upon the meadow before
the work
is begun,
other importarnt matter contained therein. Where every dew dr.,p sparkles
like diamonds
-Concerning rates for harvesting Mrs.     In thesnU:

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