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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / The Cranberry. A compendium of its cultivation, commerce, cookery, etc.

Recipes,   pp. 7-10 PDF (768.4 KB)

Page 9

C  one-third teaspoonful of salt, rub one.
Stew I quart of cranberries in one pint
of water.  Squeeze through a cheese
cloth. letting everything through but
needs and skins. Add two cups sugar
and heat up again. Fill a bowl or oval
mold with soft, stalo bread crumbled due.
Pour tbe boiling fruit over the bread,
moistening each layer of crumbs and
using as many crumbs as the liquor will
admit. Press each layer down that all
the crumbs may be equally moistened.
Set away to cool. Drop from the mold
onto a pretty dish. Serve with cream.
Soak one cup of tapioca In cold water
over night Place on the fre after adding
one quartof bolling water. When olil-
lug add two teacups sugar and one quart
cranbeiries. Boil twenty minutes. Serve
very cold with cream or sugar,
One cup sugar, one tablespoonful
butter creaced together. Add two eggs
well beaten and X   teaspoonful salt.
One cup milk, two teaspoonfuls baking
powder and flour enough to roll. Roll
out, cnt In circles, place one teaspoonful
of cranberry jelly or jam In the center,
fold up closely and fry in hot lard or
8ift together two cups of sifted flour
four teaspoons of baking powder and
fourth (14) cup of butter Into the flour,
add two well beaten eggs, one cup of
rich milk, and stir Into the flour with
one pint of cranberries. I ill buttered
cups about half full of the mixture and
steam one hour in a closely covered
steamer, serve with cranberry sauce.
One quart of cranberries, two cups of
sugar, half a cup of water, dissolve the
sugar In the water to make a syrup,
wash the berries and pour them for a
moment into a pau of boiling water,
drain, drop Into the boiling syrup and
boll for about ten minutes.
Cranberries as a Mdiidae.
Too much cannot be said about the
healthfulness of cranberries.  Frequent
trials have proven that those who use
them freely are free from most diseases.
In cates of an epidemic a full and free
use of cranberries will almost Invariably
ward it off.  Cranberries eaten in the
morning, entering the stomach when
comparatively empty, search out the bac
teria and destroy them.  They will in
fact destroy nearly all germs ef disease.
Cranberries eaten raw are one of the
fnest Tics and appetize known.
In cases of yell*> or typhoid fever
cranberries are almost Indispensable as a
tonic and to assist In clearing the system

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