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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Forty-fifth annual meeting, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., December 2, 1931. Forty-fifth summer convention, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., August 18, 1931

Smith, C. S.
Minutes of the forty-fifth summer meeting of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association,   p. [5] PDF (257.0 KB)

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Witter Hotel, Rose Room,
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.,
August 18, 1931.
President A. B. Scott called the meeting to order at 11:15 A. M.
The minutes of the last meeting were read, also the financial report,
both being approved.
Moved and seconded that the next meeting be held on the first
Wednesday in December, followed by a banquet the same evening.
Those appointed to draft resolutions of regret of the death of
members are: Mrs. Jacob Searls, C. L. Lewis, Jr., F. R. Barber for
the late F. J. Wood, Joe Bissig, John Scott, Roy M. Potter for Thomas
Nash.           f
Moved and seconded that resolutions of regret be sent to the fami-
ly of former county agent R. A. Peterson. Herman Gebhardt, Guy
N. Potter and Vere Johnson were appointed to draft them.
After some discussion motion was made and seconded that the As-
sociation put on an exhibit at the coming state fair similar to and
conducted on the same lines as the one last year. Motion made and
seconded that the Sales Co. be called on to help if necessary. Motion
carried that we exhibit at the coming county fair. The secretary was
appointed to take charge of both exhibits.
A. U. Chaney gav* a report of crop conditions. A. M. Chaney
spoke on market conditions.
Adjourned for lunch until 2 P. M.
A letter from Governor P. La Follette was read on the question of
land Utilization. Moved and seconded that the president appoint
two besides himself to go to Madison to confer with the Governor on
the matter. President appointed Roy Potter and Phil Bennett.
E. I. Chambers spoke on the new methods of biological control of
insect pests. H. F. Bain gave a paper on the keeping quality of cran-
berries as affected by water and dry raking methods. L. M. Rogers
gave a paper on the effect of water cure on vines, worm control, weed
control and fertilizers. F. L. Musback gave a talk on the fertilizer
experiments carried on by himself and County Agent Lathrope on
the Biron Cranberry Co. marsh at Biron. County Agent L. Kuenning
reported on his work on the 0. 0. Potter marsh at Warrens.
Vernon Goldsworthy and Craig Scott told briefly of their work and
of the value of an insectary for carrying on experiments.
Motion made and seconded to give a rising vote of thanks to Mr.
Daniels for the use of this room and the courtesy extended this after-
Motion carried to adjourn.
C. S.. Sweel,

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