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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Thirty-eighth annual proceedings of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirty-eighth convention, Pavilion, near Nekoosa, Wisconsin, August 12, 1924. Thirty-eighth annual meeting, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, January 13, 1925

Smith, Clare S.
Minutes of the thirty-eighth annual meeting,   p. 28 PDF (246.4 KB)

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Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., January 13, 1925.
The winter session opened with a banquet at the Hotel Witter at
seven o'clock, on January 12, with nearly ninety growers and friends
of the industry present. Mr. Albert Hedler of Minneapolis, Minnesota,
acted as toastmaster. Mayor Roenius opened the program with an
address of welcome. Toasts were responded to by John Roberts,
Capt. Nash, E. P. Arpin, T. W. Brazeau, Mrs. A. C. Otto, and Rev.
Special features included several solos by our popular County
Agent, Mr. R. A. Peterson, and also a charming dance solo by little
Miss Peggy Dolan.
Music was furnished through the courtesy of Mr. L. P. Daniels.
The thirty-eighth annual meeting was called to order by Pres. C. L.
Lewis in the Wood County Realty Hall at 10:30 A. M., January 13.
Minutes of the thirty-eighth summer convention of 1924 read and
Address by Pres. Lewis.
A letter from Mr. Malde was read in regard to the publication of
records from the Experiment Station. It was decided to let the mat-
ter rest until next winter.
Moved and seconded that Mr. Malde be instructed to turn all the
original records over to the Agricultural Department of the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin, so they may be available at any time, and
Motion made and seconded that, without change in the by-laws, our
next winter meeting be held on the second Wednesday in December.
Mr. J. L. Wilcox, Manager of the Linderman Box & Veneer Com-
pany of Eau Claire, spoke on the subject of packages, recommending
a shallower and wider box.
After luncheon, the financial report was read and referred to A. B.
Scott and 0. 0. Potter as auditing committee, who later reported the
same as correct.
Mr. Scott gave a report of the material used in the pumping
Valuable papers were given by 0. 0. Potter, Miss L. Case, Herman
Gebhardt, M. 0. Potter, A. Searles, Pres. C. L. Lewis, Jr. County
Agent R. A Peterson gave a very interesting talk, urging the older
growers to inoculate cranberry enthusiasm in the younger generation.
Moved and seconded that President be authorized to appoint a
committee to go to Madison to appear before the Joint Finance
In the election of officers, motion made and seconded that President
appoint a nominating committee. A. E. Bennett, L. Case, 0. Potter,
Verne Johnson, and H. Gebhardt appointed on said committee.
Motion made and seconded that Secretary cast the ballot for C. L.
Lewis, Jr. C. L. Lewis re-elected.
Moved and seconded that unanimous ballot be cast for same vice
president, secretary and executive committee.
On motion, the association adjourned.
Clare S. Smith, Secretary.

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