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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Thirty-eighth annual proceedings of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirty-eighth convention, Pavilion, near Nekoosa, Wisconsin, August 12, 1924. Thirty-eighth annual meeting, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, January 13, 1925

Macklin, Theodore
Co-operative marketing,   pp. 7-13 PDF (1.7 MB)

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Why many don't come across is because members make it hard for
them to do that. We all have a responsibility both ways; the non-
members to be as big men as they are; to see how long they want to
push a situation that they don't make; to see how long they want to
continue to reap results that come from the market because they do
not pay any costs and help execute the plan in full instead of in part;
not because the organization hasn't the right plan, but because un-
thinking people accidentally interfere with the execution of the
That is the big problem the country over. A new era is coming
in many states. But in the older corporations like the cranberry and
cheese federations, the thing to do is to get in and convince these peo-
ple that they want to join the organization because they have say
and conviction in the plans they can make when all of you are back
of them, which will be a better plan than any individual purchaser
can make.
I have demonstrated the great thing about the California Fruit
Growers Exchange. They have two products and sell one so much
more. That is an object lesson.
You ought to develop the power to convince the neighbor against
his will. All of the easy things were done long ago. I have been im-
pressed by reading La Follette's life. He hays: "If I have had any-
success, it is because I have insisted on having more facts than the
opposition." Have you more facts than the opposition? Have the non-
members got more facts than the opposition? Generally, the man
that has the most facts believes he has decided right. To help out-
sider: to come in make it easier to let him decide, and make him
feel that he has decided right. Sometimes the people with the strong-
est personality stay out because they have so far to move. If you
are way up in a tree and the branch breaks, you come down with a
bump. These people feel this. That bump is partly because it is
hard to change your mind physically. You hate to "lose face." It
shouldn't be a process of going back. He has been right all the time,
but he will be righter if he changes his mind.
You need facts, and the development of that co-operative spirit of
loving people in if you can't pull them in; the wonder to me is that
so much of the cranberry business is on the inside. It shows that
this process has been working. That is the principle, and the inten-
sive neighbor-to-neighbor studying of the philosophy back of the or-
ganization is bringing results. It isn't the fact that to-day or tomor-
row the cranberry organization will get better prices. It is the fact
that when hard times come it is the only organization that gets
prices at all.
I have charts made up on forty-six noted co-operatives of the
world. They do about one-half billion dollars worth of business in a
year, which is more business than the whole state of Wisconsin does.
When hard times come, and they have hard, efficient work, there is

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