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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirty-first annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 8, 1918. Thirtieth summer meeting, pavilion, Nekoose, Wis., August 14, 1917

Treat, Chelcie
State fair exhibit,   pp. 10-11 PDF (404.9 KB)

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going by the graveyai'd he saw one and he stopped for nothing, but
he lit out. Finally his wind gave out and trembling like a leaf he sat
down on a log. The white thing came up and sat down by him and
tapping his shoulder said "We had a good run didn't we?" "Yes,
bet your life," answered Mose, "and when I gets my breff we'se
to have another." That's the way we feel about this exhibit, we did
a great deal to arouse people's interest and get them to thinking in
terms of cranberry sauce, pies, jelly and appetizers used in connection
with meats, etc. But of course each fall is simply the getting of our
breath for the next year. Each exhibit should be put forth with as
many variations added as possible in order to show people that the
cranberry industry is one of the growing industries of Wisconsin.
To do this the growers must work together. There should be more
rivalry among them in entering their berries in the competitive ex-
hibits for premiums. There is $250 to be divided among the growers
as prizes if they will only send their berries down. There should
be at least one pint for each plate. Last year some of the plates were
ruled out because of the lack of berries.
Authorized salesmen are very important in the sale of any product
but a demonstration of this sort, of a weeks duration does more than
one would imagine to advertise a product. This may be because people
come with the intention and express purpose of seeing what the state
is doing, and they note carefully everything they see.
I know of a man who was only passively interested in tractors be-
fore the Fair. but when he went home he was talking a great deal
about the line drive type, and is laying plans for possessing one when
his farm is able to pay for one. And cannot these cranberry exhibits
he run on the same plan? Arrange them in such a way that they
will attract people even more than our last one did, and this was
by far one of the most attractive in the Horticultural Building. If
we go at our exhibit in this way people will talk about it after the
fair week and results will be as satisfactory as we can hope for.
We believe in our product and believing in it we should follow out a
doctor's motto I once read, "Early to bed, early to rise, work like
en advertise."
As for the rest of the fair we saw little of it but enjoyed what we
did see. However, we did not miss the others much, as our chief am-
bition was to make our booth interesting and attractive.  We are
grateful for our opportunity to the Sales Company and hope our efforts
have met with their approval.

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