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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Fourteenth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wis., January 8th, 1901

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fit the grower one of the most important moves would be,
to place before him the probable crop to be harvested in the
east as well as the west, in time so that when the berries are
ready for market he will have a basis upon which to fix
a reasonable price for his stock. "
New York-(c 110) "You have our sympathy with the ob-
jects in view a full dissemination of knowledge relating to
the culture and marketing of cranberries and careful collec-
tion of statistic, of the crop and movement of same is in our
opinion to the best interest of all concerned."
We approve of circulars showing the best cooking
method being placed in each package for distribution by
the retailer. This costs but little and does. parhaps, some
good though probably comparatively few of the retailers
will bother to distribute."
Wisconsin-(c 6) " My views are that to make the as
soziation that all members be treated alike, should be con-
solidated in such a way that all members should dispose of-
their stock at one price, if their stock is uniform in quality,
and should be disposed of by one agency. "
Rhode Island-(c 119) " It seems to me that until the
principal growers of the country get together and devise
some means to regulate the shipping of cranberries to the
market we shall meet the same fate."
Massachusetts-(c 107) " We cannot be too well posted."
New Jersey-(c 8) ' Your August convention was a
regular picnic and reminded me of the old Jersey times in
1870-1880 when the Jersey growers used to turn out in flocks
to convention, all bound together by the unity of ignorance
of cranberry culture. The old conventions used to be
crowded. Men with facts, to exchange them for other grow-
ers' facts. The American Cranberry Growers' Association
has done a power of work. Its printed publications contain
the bulk of what is known about cranberry culture. It has
done a big work. One thing I know, there is sufficient com-
munity of ignorance among a lot of the growers which should
hold them together even on a basis of self interest."
New Jersey -(c 8) The old way was to put a bog out
anywhere, put a dollar a day man on it, yourself live fif-
teen or twenty miles away, the bogs did the rest, all you
had to do was pick the crop and pocket your fifty to seventy-
five per cent. profit, but the scald showed up. The new
insect appeared, berry worms became profuse, grasshoppers
rampant, crickets numerous and so the old style of man on
the place to attend the bog don't go now. Cranberry

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