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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / 1893 sixth annual meeting of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association, held at the City Council Chamber, at Grand Rapids, January 10th and 11th

Treat, J. H.
Afternoon session,   pp. 13-16 ff. PDF (930.6 KB)

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leave the marsh and by the time they are retailed out they
will be poor enough.
Many of our merchants here in Wirsconsin are handling
the eastern berry in preference to ours. One merchant in
LaCrosse told a man this fall, that went to his store to sell
lihln some berries, that he would not handle any more Wis-
cousin berries. He said that the last barrel he bought
was about one-fifth rotten. He had to pay a little more for
the eastern berry but they were larger and he could sell
inuore of them. Be sure and put your berries up good even
if they cost you a little more than you think they ought to.
Ii order to put berries up good and cheap, you need to
have the very best tools to work with. Your buildings
should be convenient to do the work in. Your mill for
cleaning should be the very best. You should see that your
pickers till your boxes with berries instead of moss and hay.
Have your boxes of such a size that three of them will
clean up one barrel of berries, so as not to fall sh6rt a hun-
dred barrels or so after you have the crop gathered, on ac-
couint of the boxes not holding out.
Another inlltortant point is, raise a good many berries
ou an acre and have a good many acres close together.
flave plenty of water on frosty nights and see that the
lIerlies are well covered so as not to have to pay for picking
frozen berries and then pay for sorting them out. Put
your berries up as cheap as you can and have them good,
aIl (you ovill find the profit in a better demand for your
The committee on program    for the next annual
meeting reported as follows:
"Our Market, Present and Future."-G. H. Kruschke.
"What has the World's Fair done for us?"-A. C. Ben-
"Meteorological Observations."-R. C. Treat.
"Our Water Supply, Past and Future."-Andrew
A vote of thanks was tendered to Messrs. Bennett and
Krusclike for the instructive papers presented; to the City
officials of Grand Rapids for courtesies extended; to the
various railroad companies for carrying the frost warning
signals and for statistics of crop shipments furnished, and
to the director of the State Weather Bureau for the interest
shown in sending special frost warnings.
The Secretary was instructed to procure if possible
enou11gh copies of the N. J. Agricultural Experiment Station

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