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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / 1893 sixth annual meeting of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association, held at the City Council Chamber, at Grand Rapids, January 10th and 11th

Treat, J. H.
Afternoon session,   pp. 13-16 ff. PDF (930.6 KB)

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t           - -14-
Mr. A.A. Bennett then presented a paper on "how to
put up berries well and cheaply," as follows:-
"The question "How to put up Cranberries good and
cheap," is one that requires some thought and also soete
experience. If we have the berries, it is not a very hard
task to but them up good, it is still easier to put them up
cheap instead of good. But when we combine the two ouir
task is still harder.
We all know that if we can put berries in the barrel
for $2.50 per bbl. and sell them for $6.00 that we make a
profit of $3.50 per barrel. We also know that if we call pitl
our berries in the barrel for $2.00 and sell them for the
same price that we will make an extra fifty cents per barrel.
The pickers also know that hay and moss will fill the
box faster than clean berries and some of thesi will roll it
up into bunches and put it in the center of the boxes if they
think the boxes will be paid for all right. There are others
I am glad to say that pick the berries as clean as possible
and try to do what is right.
As with the pickers so with the craniberry growers.
There are some who are simply after the mloney anid
leave as many soft berries as they can aind have themi go
through all right and it makes a difference of from 25 to
50 cents per barrel in the cost of putting up the berries.
whether you hand pick and take out all the soft berries or
put them tip just as they run through the mill.
There are others that want their berries as good as
they can possibly be made and the very best is none tao
good for the firnms that handle them.
Still we blame the man who buys to this extent: that
lie makes no difference in price between the man wvhio
makes his berries good and the man that leaves three or
four quarts of soft berries in every barrel; and he will
sometimes say to the grower:-"The firn that I am buying
for allows me to pay only this one price but in order to get
your berries, I will take them just as they are run throgh!il
the mill and give you the same price for them, which is
worth from 25 to 50 cents more to you on every barrel.
than if you looked them over and took otit the soft berries."-
Is not that encouraging the grower to put up poor ber-
ries? If there is but one standard to buy cranberries by,
make that standard as high as possible and reject all in-
sound berries until they aresorted to the standard or else
pay less than the standard price for such berries. Berries
should be put up as good as they possibly can be when they

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