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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / 1893 sixth annual meeting of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association, held at the City Council Chamber, at Grand Rapids, January 10th and 11th

Save the cranberry: why and how?,   pp. 9-13 PDF (1.0 MB)

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weight to keep the berries entirely under water. Be sunr
and have water enough as the fruit is hollow and will ab
sorb a large quantity of water and the water at all time!
should be two or three inches deep over them. Set then
away in a cool cellar and they will be good a year from movw
Save some now for the spring and summer of 1893 tlet
you will be ready for the World's Fair and the cholera. too,
if it should come.
H. 0. Kruschke:-Would it not be well to attach the
analysis of the cranberry to the article?
Mr. Stansbury:-I think two members ought to be ap-
pointed to write up such articles. Get theim printed and it
being the fact that the Wisconsin cranberry is the fimest
in the world except in size, I think it would be well to have
that fact impressed upon the minds of the people.
Mr. Bennett:-If we can increase the consumuptiomm two-
fold we can sell them all.
Mr. Arash:-GENTLEMEN, the average mual does not go
to the newspaper for his breakfast. We nliust find scene
way of introducing them into his stomach; and soine waY
of selling other than to rely on two or three commission
men to handle our entire crop. I have before advocated
establishing a pool or fruit selling house where each fand
every grower could become a member, and by putting mlen
on the road we could sell every berry raised by the mnemi-
mers and while doing this need not antagonize the imen
who now handle the bulk of our crop, as by our system we
would increase the consumption, thereby making prices
better for them as well as us. I have been looking for
some time for the grower to realize that something of tlhis
kind must be done. We should have to grade our berries
and have an inspector appointed who would see that every
car load was fully up to the grade in every respect and we
could soon have a market for all berries that had tihe
brand on which was adopted, knowing by experience that
they were to be relied on as standard. I am very confident
that something of this kind will have to be done and as it
will require some capital to get started I will here agree to
take $500.00 stock in the company if no less than seven
others will subscribe a like amount.
G. H. Kruschke:-Our capital being invested in thme
cranberry growing industry, I think it would be more prof-
itable to create a good market for what we now raise than
to learn to raise more.
The question was discussed by Messrs. Nash, Witter.

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