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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Beach, C. R.
Science in agriculture,   pp. 280-301

Coon, F. W.
The ins and outs of tobacco culture,   pp. 301-320

Page 301

the persons to determine that question, and they no doubt 
determined it wisely, in their own estim├Ątion at least. 
Mr. Hoxie-I wish to present a resolution, but before read- 
ing it I will say this, that the last congress has passed an 
appropriation of $50,000 to provide for experiments in the 
production of sugar from sorghum: It was considered im- 
practicable for the department longer to attempt to raise 
sorghum to experiment on, and this appropriation was made 
so that the experiment might be carried out in different 
parts of the country. The governor of this state has urged 
the establishment by congress of an experimental station in 
the state of Wisconsin to experiment on that artiele for this 
latitude. This appropriation has not yet been expended, and 
the chemist of the agricultural department writes me that 
he will use his utmost efforts to secure a portion of the ap- 
propriation in this state, and I would ask this convention to 
pass this resolution: 
1?esolved by the Farmers' Convention, That the department of agriculture
of the United States be respectfully urged to establish an experimental 
station in this state for experiment in the cultivation of sugar from 
sorghum, and that the senators and members of congress from this state be
requested to further this object. 
(Referred to the committee on resolutions.)  I will state 
that, unless this appropriation is passed by congress at the 
present session, it will be converted back into the treasury 
in July. 
By F. W. CooN, of Edgerton. 
@ Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen - As introductory, 
and in justice to myself perhaps, 1 ought to state the subject 
assigned to me, <The Ins and Outs of Tobacco Culture," was 
not of my own choosing. The programme as first printed, 
contained a blank opposite this topic, and I have some how 
gained the impression that I was selected more to ffll out 
this blank, rather than I should be expected to furnish you 
any thing original or interesting on this subject. The writer's 

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