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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Beach, C. R.
Science in agriculture,   pp. 280-301

Page 282

That the solution of the pToblems that constantly presented 
themselves, to the farmer                  pon 
several to depend -u  ý Instinet 
quite as much as upon reason (with a.preponderance, I 
suppose in favor of the instine't). When I read this and 
much more of s'imilarimport, 1 could not help admitting 
that although the paper seemed open to eritieism, as being 
opposed to the gen'eral received opinion of mankind, and 
also at variance with the. deduetions of sound loo,-ic it could 
certainly lay claims to profound originality. 
But after reaching such conclusion I came aeross a speech 
made by another learned doctor of the law., which led me 
to change my mind'and to exclaim with Solomon., that after 
all Ihere is nothing -new under the Sun. 
The speech to which I refer was ni-ade some thýpe thou- 
sand years ago, somewhere in the Persian empire', and the 
occasion so far as 1 could learn from the record (which I 
admit was somewhat obscure) was a meeting sim'ilar to this 
in which the hiLher -edueation of farmers, was being dis- 
After some preliminary discussion, a learned Rabbi or 
doctor of the law. whose wisdom- wag known throughout all 
Asia, arose and said: 
",How ean they get wisdom who hold the plow, and that 
handle the good, that drive oxen and are occupied with 
their Iabor. They gl*ve the, mind to make furrows and their 
talk is..of bullocks, and they are diligent to give the cows 
fodder. But they shall not be sought for in public council; 
(never a mother's son of them shall even go to coiagress); 
nor bhall they sit high in the congregation. They shall not 
sit in. the judges seaf, nor understand the sentence of j udg- 
ment. They cannot declare.judgment and justice, and they 
shall not be found where parables are spoken. But they will 
raise crops, breed children, and pay taxes and so mailitain 
the state of the world but they should have no hicher am- 
- >                        J-13 
bition than ' to work with Iheir hands sixteen hours a day on 
their farms. 
To you who believe in the tendency of professional edu- 
catj.on and training to Icause men to entertain similar ideas, 
ancl modes of thought, thoagh separated by Iong . periods'of 

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