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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Barry, A. C.
The agricultural outlook,   pp. 229-273

Page 272

of the thing. We want to disseminate knowledge among 
all classes, especially - thý ao'-riculturists.* They have been 
persistent all over the, worid in seeking to obtain natural 
rights that belong to theni; hence yo'u see the da'no-er of los- 
ing them.' Sömething of that kind is constantly 'in danger' 
then. Why? Secause they know of no way of getting 
even with their oppressors.' It is very important that the 
industrial- class, who have -t'o' defend their rights for them- 
selves, should have the knowledge to do it. The legislation 
and th- e ý a dmi.nistration of äll, governmenls from Babylon
down have been favorable to'C'ities, and if that system is to 
continuie over the ao*riculturist th* y ou ht to have some 
power of getting favors equal to the most favored. 
Xr. Sayres - It see's to m'- 6 that the limitations the gen- 
tleman made need to have ändther Iimitation. He s'ays that 
the object f the agricultura s hool is not higher edueation. 
No, sir. It is higher eduýation s'ö far as the objects of 4his
billareconcerned. Itisahigher'educationinthedirection, 
of -f ärming. That we do not- get at the University. Again 
and again it ha's been said this afternoonthat our boys have 
the sameprivileges as other-boys; far'mers' boys can- go to 
the Uni' ersity; they stand the;re' on, an equality with other 
boys. Iýet us see. If yoü go to the U niversity, there is a 
school there to edueate in the' direction 'of min*'lng~of civil 
en-gineering the same, and'if a boy wants to go there and 
take a four years course, and then wants to go into law., 
the're.. is a school in the direction of law. Is there any 
school in the direction of agriculture? I do not know it if 
there be,' so that I think the limitation needs to I be made 
thatwe not only want a higher edueation, but a higher edu- 
eation in the direction of fa rming. - He says this convention 
is a schoöl of edueation. Is it'- for ' the boys?, Where are 
the boys? My boys are on the farm. We have.Ieft'.our 
boy's at home and co me' up he're for edueation. ' We want- a 
schoöl where we can ýsend oür- bo-YS., where they will be
eated in the direction of färml ; ing, and not wait any ýohger
The question was th-en Put on the.' res*Iution .of.' .Mr. 
Broughtoin, and was adopted.- 

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