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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Barry, A. C.
The agricultural outlook,   pp. 229-273

Page 271

order to get at , the prineipläs that lie at the bottom of this 
whole subject. It is a hiistorical fact that ean be substanti- 
ated that the industrial class, in all past ages, were not 
allowed to know only just enough to make them competent 
slave s, and if any of them show'ed a natural gift to get out 
of that class, and get a higher education, he was invited to 
join the ruling class, and get out of the industrial elass. It 
has always been considered that it was dangerous to a gov- 
ernment to have the industrial elass'well edueated. There 
is. another thing about it. Farmers should be so edueated 
that they could face the lawyers or the college- students or the - 
professors, or any thing of. that kind. But there is. this. 
thing about it. All the farmers should claim is what rights, 
privileges and immunities are safe for them and safe for the 
community. If it is uns afe for the government. %to h.ave 
them have privileges, they should not have them. It has 
been thouopht by governments in past times that it was un- 
safe. Consequently they have not had that education. If 
any of them.happened to get it, he was invited to join the 
ruling class, which is considered twenty per cent. and the 
industrial elass eighty per cent. Between 1.870 and 1880., the 
lawyers, doctors and ministers inereased sixty-five-per cent, 
while the general inhabitants only inereased thirty per cent. 
The great question is, what shall we do with so many of 
them. The farmers should claim the prerogative of manag- 
ing themsolves; and if any man or institution stands between 
them and the management of their own affairs.. they ought to 
s'ay 11get out of the way," and they should say it succe.ssful]Y. 
The argument of these gentlemen is to send them to the uni- 
versity. Thefactisthatwouldbeedticatingthemawayfrom 
theindustrial pursuits forever. If youwant tohaveyour 
boys educated in that way, let them go, but I do not wänt 
mine to be educated in that way. 
Knowledge is a good thing but'the wisdom that applies 
knowledge is better. 'Friend Barry speaks of this con'serva- 
tism that says~'cHold onwaitthe old way is good enough." 
Mankind are governed by traditions. They - seem to hang 
to the past., to an ancient age. In polities they are ealled 
barbarians. Mr. Barry seemed to understand the whole giiit 

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