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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Barry, A. C.
The agricultural outlook,   pp. 229-273

Page 268

Mr,- Roberts, of Keno~shd county - 1 Ihink that this is a 
very important question. 1 think we ought to take more 
time to consider it. 1 think that we ought to take another 
year"s time to think of it. I amopposed to the bill. There 
has been a great deal said about the low position that is oe- 
cupied by farmers; they are not up in the world with the 
minister and the doctor and the lawyer. lf you want to 
keep them there, establish a school purposely for farmers. 
I think that would be öne of the surest ways to do it. If 
you want fearmers'sons to take an equal position with every 
other occupation and prolession in the world.. let them be 
educated right along with those young men. I*_' you have 
got a son that wants to be a farmer, let him come to the 
State Univeräity and study right along with the men that 
are going to be lawyers and doctors, etc., and then they will 
come right up with them$ hut you esbablish,.a separate agri- 
eultural college, and confine, it to farmers' sons, and, give 
them just a little smattering of this, that and , the'other~ I 
think that y ou ean just keep the farmers' occupation right 
d.own where it is now, perhaps get a little lower. I think 
you had better take a little time, I do not , thiink you had 
better press this quest ion on your legislators, and compel 
them bY force to use so much money in an institution of that 
kind.' It will pay to wait and* fl.nd out just what we want. 
If we do want another school.. let us wait; let us take time. 
A Member - We have waited seventeen years already. 
Mr. Roberts - You ean afford to wait longer, beeause, 
when-you do this thing, you must con.sider it well. I do. not 
think- we need an institution of this kind. 1 do not think 
there is a farmer that has a son that can complain that he 
has not equal advantages with any boy who wants to follow 
a learned profession. 
Mr. True - It seerns to me that the opponents of the bill 
under consideration look at it from.a mistaken ' stand-point. 
It seems 'to me that the opposition from the, first..,commene- 
ing with the learned gentleman, Mr, Sloan.. has been from a 
stand-point at least t went -fl-ve vears behind the present sit- 
uation. 'At that time.. a boy, to become educated, went to, 
college, and there was one prescribed course of study. Latin 

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