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Johnson, Melvin J. / History and my memories of Wind Lake Telephone Company

Southeast Telephone Company of Wisconsin, Inc. PDF (316.2 KB)

Southeast Telephone Company
            of Wisconsin. Inc.
                                Phone: (414) 534-5101
                                FAX (414) 534-5110
 January 25, 1996
 To My Fellow Board Members; President Melvin J Johnson, retiring; Vice-
 President Lawrence Wieselman, Secretary Charles Noll, Director Kenneth
 Hanson, Director Arthur Rummel, and Stockholders of the Southeast
 Telephone Company of Wisconsin, Inc.;
 Having had the privilege and honor of serving as Director of the
 Wind Lake Telephone Company for the year of 1945.
 I was elected President and Chairman of the Board for the newly
 organized Southeast Telephone Company in 1946.
 I feel that my life has taken a hold of me to where I wish to retire
 at this date, January25, 1996.
 It has been a wonderful experience to see the growth of the company.
 The fellowship I have had with the board members in the early days of the
 company and at the present time. Now we have our Manager Don Hewitt, our
 Assistant Manager Jim Mitchell, and our Attorney Larry Dalton. I feel
 it a great honor to be-Chairman of a board such as we have.
 We have come a long way from the Magneto hand cranked telephone to the
 modern dial and satelite system of today.  New and more modern equipment
 is coming on the market every day.
 I trust that the Board will continue to look to the future and be
 prepared to stay alert to provide our customers and subscribers with
 the most modern service possible.
 It has been an honor and privilege to serve the Board, Employees, and
 Subscribers of Southeast Telephone for the past 50 years.
Melvin J Johntson
m Now m

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