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Johnson, Melvin J. / History and my memories of Wind Lake Telephone Company

Reflections of Melvin Johnson,   pp. 58-80 ff. PDF (11.0 MB)

Page 80

the government was giving away money.
We got a project going here. I got a grant of $2 million dollars
from the FHA.    We got a $2 million grant from the FHA and we
borrowed $3 million for 40 years at 5 percent.
We are still paying on that.   We built ourselves our own sanitary
district with our own treatment plant which took in this whole
area. It will all be subdivided one of these days. We're equipped
with acreage of land.    The three commissioners that I appointed
when we finished up with the sanitary sewers in 1983 were:      Dan
Dooley, Ron Brenzek, Norman Schultz.    Those three men are still
serving to this date and are doing a wonderful job and keeping it
Well as it is with the sanitary district, so it is with the
telephone company. With all the sewers we put in, all this land
became  available   for  development  and  it   surely  is  getting
But the telephone company has the same problem as the sanitary
district did. We took care of it in the sanitary district, I know
the board will take care of the telephone district.
The Southeast Telephone Company has grown to 8,000 subscribers.
The company at the present time has a value of approximately $12
On January 25, 1996, I resigned as President of the Board on the
Southeast Telephone Company (letter follows this page).

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