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Johnson, Melvin J. / History and my memories of Wind Lake Telephone Company

Reflections of Melvin Johnson,   pp. 58-80 ff. PDF (11.0 MB)

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develops and how they can come up with something reasonable for
people that were not using this toll and paying the same rate but
were getting the benefits of all those tolls. So it became quite
a controversy.
The end results was that they would take it under advisory and they
would come up with a solution maybe at a later date. We are still
at that same point today. I understand that there is a study being
made and I think we may hear something in the very near future. I
don't know when it will happen as I won't be here.    I'm intending
to resign at the term of my 50 years. But whatever will be will be
done at a fair medium to satisfy those two people, those that use
the toll and those that don't use the toll. So whatever that will
be I don't know, I can't quote it, it's not been settled yet. It
will be something coming up that will satisfy the people, I'm sure
of that.
I stated awhile ago about the people coming out here on street cars
and building summer homes for vacations. Well that didn't last too
long before we got highways and they took those cottages and
started making permanent homes out of them.
Then the subject of sewage disposal came up.      The state had no
rulings on sewage.    The state told them they couldn't put their
sewage into the lake or put it into some system that would flow
into the lake. They had no system themself, the state didn't have
any system for them. Could they use septic? Yes, if their ground
could absorb water. If it couldn't absorb water, what do you do?
It was a problem.   So then the people started buying lots in the
back land from the farmers.    Farms were completely sold out and
have gone into subdivisions. They wanted the service that they had
where they came from. It's going to take an awful lot of planning
but we're going to do it.    We have good engineers that can take
care of those things and what we don't have we can hire. There are
people in the field today that can take care of this.
In 1965, I was Chairman of the Town of Norway and I was on the
Board many years before that. I had seen what was going on and it
was pretty disgusting because people would tell me oh no, my sewage
will go into the lake. Just let me come over and show you where it
goes, but no they didn't want me to come over.     It got so bad in
1965, the first thing I did was to start a setup for the Norway
Sanitation   District.    My  two  board  members   were  not  very
interested. One was not in the area, the other was a businessman
in the area and you can't have a local businessman involved in it
so I was stuck with the whole thing.
Well I went to Madison and got a lot of information from there and
we started in 1965 and got it organized. We had an engineer come
out and make a preliminary study and found out it was feasible to
do it.   We got busy and got a plan for our money.     I wrote many
letters to Washington, our congressmen, and senators. At that time

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