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Johnson, Melvin J. / History and my memories of Wind Lake Telephone Company

History and my memories of the Wind Lake and Southeast Telephone Co. of Wisconsin Inc.,   pp. 5-58 PDF (19.1 MB)

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that Chas. Apple be appointed Chairman of the meeting which was
carried, and J. E. Jacobson elected clerk. Meeting then proceeded
to election of officers.
The following named gentlemen were duly elected:  Chas. E. Apple,
President; Ole Hanson, Vice President; J. E. Jacobson, Secretary;
B. J. Bendickson, Treasurer; Rev. 0. E. Schmidt, General Manager.
It was moved and seconded that all messages to the Doctor be exempt
from the 2 cents central charge.      Moved and seconded that the
several   named   directors  go   out  and  subscribe   more  stock
(Kansasville   line, Ole Hanson; Tichigan Line, T. Halverson;
Muskego, B. J. Bendickson; North Cape, Hans Karnis; Waterford, J.
E. Jacobson) and meet before March 1st and pay or satisfy the
Company's debt.
Moved and seconded that any message sent through central after 9
o'clock p.m. be charged 10 cents extra by sanction of message.
Doctor calls excluded.
Meeting adjourned.
J. E. Jacobson, Secretary
Third Annual Meeting
Third Annual Telephone meeting of the Wind Lake Telephone Company
was held in Jacobson's schoolhouse on the February 4, 1905.
Meeting was well represented.
President Charles Apple called meeting to order, and minutes of
last year's meeting were read by the secretary and adopted.
Treasurer's report was made by Mr. Bendickson and accepted. Said
report was referred to the auditing committee. The following named
gentlemen were duly appointed as auditing committee: Mr. Ole
Hanson, E. G. Jacobson, Hans Karnis.
Moved and seconded to proceed to the election of directors. Mr. B.
J. Bendickson, Hans Karnis, Ole Hanson, Thomas Hanson, Rev. 0. E.
Schmidt were duly elected.
Moved and seconded that owners of phones that are destroyed by
negligence and misuse must pay repair of same, but instruments
destroyed by lightening or any other reasonable cause be repaired
by the Company.   Carried.

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