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Johnson, Melvin J. / History and my memories of Wind Lake Telephone Company

History and my memories of the Wind Lake and Southeast Telephone Co. of Wisconsin Inc.,   pp. 5-58 PDF (19.1 MB)

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First Annual Meeting
First Annual Meeting of the Wind Lake Telephone Company was held at
Jacobson schoolhouse on January 15, 1903 at 7 o'clock p.m.
Meeting called to order by Rev. 0. E. Schmidt.        All officers
present and a good attendance.
Minutes of the previous meetings were read by the Secretary and
Treasurer read his report of all money received and disbursed. It
was moved and seconded that treasurer's report be adopted.
The report of purchasing agent, Rev.    0. E. Schmidt was read and
also of purchasing agent, Dr. Chas. Flett.
The following committee of three was duly elected to examine the
reports of the purchasing agent Mr. Chas. Apple (Secretary), Hans
S. Kanis, E. G. Jacobson.
It was moved and seconded by Messrs. Apple and Jacobson that the
Wind Lake Telephone Co. be incorporated, carried.
It was moved and seconded that we proceed to the election of
officers for the ensuring year.      Moved and seconded that each
stockholder be entitled to a vote for each share owned by them in
said Company.
On motion it was also decided not to allow any stock holder to vote
by proxy.
It was moved and seconded to proceed with informal ballot for
On motion the president appointed the following named gentlemen as
tellers, Mr. Chas. Apple, Dr. Chas. Flett, Mr. B. J. Bendickson.
Results of informal ballot is as follows: Eighty-nine votes cast
of which number Rev. 0. E. Schmidt received eight-six, Dr. Flett
two votes and one blank.
It was moved and seconded that the informal ballot be declared
formal and Rev. Schmidt duly elected president.
Results of informal ballot for vice president is as follows:
seventy-nine votes cast for which number Dr. Chas. Flett received
forty-six, Chas. Apple nineteen, H. J. Ellertson five, B. J.
Bendickson four, Albert Anderson three, J. E. Jacobson two.
The informal ballot being declared formal Dr. Chas. Flett having
the majority of votes cast was duly elected vice president.

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