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Johnson, Melvin J. / History and my memories of Wind Lake Telephone Company

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The history and my memories of the Wind Lake and Southeast
Telephone Company of Wisconsin Inc. from March 3, 1902 to January,
25, 1996.
The Wind Lake Telephone Company served an area to the east on Hwy.
45, to the north of Waukesha County line, to the south on Hwy. 20
and to the west to Honey Creek.
Our neighboring telephone company, the Rochester Company, or the BR
& K (Burlington, Rochester and Kansasville) Telephone Co. served an
area from Waterford south within 1/2 mi. of the city of Burlington,
east to Hwy. 45 and west to the same area Hwy. 83 approximately.
Some of it had open lands on the border lines so to it's hard to
determine exactly how reliant at that time.    I have no record of
the organization of the Rochester Telephone Co. but I assume it to
be around 1902-1903.
It becomes a natural thing for all of us to have a desire or to get
a knowledge of what happened possibly close to 100 years back, how
did the people live, what matter of transportation did they have,
what matter of communication did they have to communicate between
neighbors and other people, and certain things of life that we get
a sense of curiosity and that we would like to know.
Well I'm going to try to give you a little history here of the Wind
Lake Telephone Company, where     it was organized, how     it was
organized and the life of the company as it went on to build a
telephone company and give service to the people of the community
in such a way as to give a better contact with their neighbors and
fellow men.   It is a very interesting history, very interesting
program. I have seen quite a lot of it, not all, but from when the
company was organized in 1902 because I was born in 1903.    I have
lived through all of the beginning of the Wind Lake Telephone
company until the present time and having an active part in it. So
it has been very interesting to me and I'm sure it will be
interesting to all of us who read this record of finding out the
matter of communication and the system that we used in those days.
In the 1800's we had various people from different countries come
to America to seek out a place to make an establishment for their
people, set up a community for their people.    We had people come
from all different nationalities and also from different countries.
One group from England came and settled near Rochester and had a
settlement for their people and are still known for that because we
have the English United Methodist Church located at Hwy. A and Hwy.
J.   It's an old church, an old cemetery.    I've walked around it
I've been in the church and it's an old, old settlement that goes
back into the early 1800's when those people came to this country
and they established a settlement there and that's what its known

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