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Milmine, Geo. R. (ed.) / Racine advocate city and county residence and business directory of Racine, Wisconsin

Corporations, associations, streets, etc.,   pp. [161]-169 PDF (2.2 MB)

Page 169

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               AND     COUNTY      DIRECTORY.                      169
TENTH-from the lake west to the C. & N. W. Ry., 4 south of Market
THIRTEENTH-from the lake west to city limits, 7 south of Market
TWELFTH-from      the lake west to   city limits, 6 south of Market
   \ Square
UNION-from Liberty north to State, 6 west of Erie
VILLA-from the river south to city limits, 4 west of Main
WASHINGTON AVE-from the junction of Seventh and Campbell south-
     west to city limits
WATER-from the junction of River and Chippewa west to Racine, i
     north of Sixth
WEST-from Ninth south to Eleventh, 'Io west of Main and from Mar-
     quette west to city limits, i n State
WEST SIxTH-from head of Chippecotton west to city limits
WIsCONsIN-from the river south to city limits, i west of Main
  The Racine Advocate fbr 1876.
    THE largest, oldest, and most reliable paper iii Racine County. Terms
per year; strictly in advance, $1.50.
    It will maintain Republican principles always, and will support Republican
candidates whenever it can be done consistently. It will' favor the reduction
of our
import duties to the yearly necessities ot the National Government, by placing
commodities that we do not produce on the free list, and lowering the tariff
on the
necessaries of life so far as can be done without impairing the national
    It will give the latest news of the day, and will make a specialty of
City and
County, giving, so far as possible, truthful and complete accounts of all
that is trans-
piring in our midst.
    Subscribe at once so that you may be posted on the issues of the Presidential
Campaign upon which we are about entering, and to which the ADVOcATE will
special attention.       Address,    A. C. SANDFORD, Proprietor.
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