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Wisconsin, its opportunities and inducements to home seekers : hundreds of thousands of acres of farming lands : no other locality can equal it

Good pure water for every farm PDF (859.2 KB)

          The climate of Wisconsin is a healthy, invigorating one,
        free from any complaints that are justly lodged against other
        sections advertising for new-comers. The winters have a
        clear, bracing atmosphere continually, and in summer the
        growth is rapid without excessive heat. The northern portion
        of the State is free from fever and ague, hay fever, and kin-
        dred diseases so frequent in other localities. While in winter
        the thermometer registers a lower degree than in points of
        northern Illinois and Indiana, the cold is never felt as much;
        the air is clear and dry, while strong winds never prevail; the
        blizzard is an unheard-of thing in Northern Wisconsin. That
        great index of the healthfulness of any section-the water-
        is particularly good in Wisconsin; in fact, Wisconsin supplies
        the world with water to a certain extent. The famous springs
        of Waukesha have a world-renowned reputation, and but little
        behind are those of Chippewa Falls, Bethania and others, which
        are in the heart of the country offered to settlers Thousands
        of springs giving forth pure water are to be found all through
        the State; the northern portion is bounteously supplied with
        lakes and rivers. There is hardly a section of land that does
        not have a running brook through it. A few large rivers,
        thousands of pure-water lakes and innumerable miall streams
        give an abundance of water, which is no small item in the
        making of a stock-raising country, which many undeveloped
        sections of Wisconsin are bound to become.
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