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Wisconsin, its opportunities and inducements to home seekers : hundreds of thousands of acres of farming lands : no other locality can equal it

Grandest hunting forests and fishing streams in the world PDF (308.3 KB)

             STREAMS IN THE WORLD.
 Nature has done much to make Wisoonsin attractive to the  .,
home-seeker in the way of beauties; but, more than that, it)3as -  4
made it the greatest hunting and fibsing paradise in the world.. s-
The country is annually visited by thousands who love the. .
sport of rod or gun, and nowhere can such a diversified amount  -
of game and fish be found. Deer are abundant, the forest is
thronged with them; and, as the law permits the shooting of  -
them but twenty days in the year, it will be generations be-
fore they are extinct Partridge, ducks, geese and other birds  7
are plentiful, and in season the hunting of them is always good.
Northern Wiuconsin is the home of the famous muscalonge% the
greatest of all inland-water fisL It is no exceptional thing for
twenty-pound or thirty-pound specimens of this unique variety
to be captured almost daily. The greatest trout streams of the
world are here, and the bass, pike and pickerel fishing is good in  -.
alm"st any of the innumerable streamk. The State does not
allow the wholesale destruction of these prvees gift. which  :
nature gave to her, and stringent laws protect the slaughter.  $
of both fish and game in a way that it will be perpetuated for
residents of the State for centuries to come. - Only during oer  - _
tan seasons can the game be shot or the fish be caught, and
never by those methods which are nspo   anike and bar-
barous. The farmer in the new part of Wisconsin has to him-
self for all time to come, protected by the game and fish laws, .
a paradise that is equaled no where. -

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