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Wisconsin, its opportunities and inducements to home seekers : hundreds of thousands of acres of farming lands : no other locality can equal it

The state will treat new-comers fairly,   pp. [unnumbered]-18 PDF (508.2 KB)

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   When- the homeseeker is asked which locality he would
 choose-one which is offered him simply to effect a sale and
 secure a profit on land for some speculator; and one which is  '
 'offered him by the people of the State for the reason that they-
 desire more industrious farmers to settle up a large undeveloped
 section, and to that end give him encouragement and protection,
 which all new-comers in a country need - he will promptly an-
 swer: the latter. The various counties and towns in the thinly-
 settled portion of Wisconsin invite all who desire to secure a
 home for themselves, whether or not they are poe     of
 abundant means. All they ask is that the new-oomer shall be
 industrious, willing to work for his own interests and per-
 manently become one of them. Under these conditions the'
 new settler is given advantages that cannot be obtained under
 any other. The question of taxes is a highly important one to,
 the farner, and the policy of all the towns and counties in Wis-
 consin which invite this immigration is to treat the new-oner
 kiua fair, businesslike way that they will be well satisfied with,
 and in a manner that will induce them to write their friends
 1that it is a good country to live in, and a good community to
 be associated with  The taxes upon the lands -offered for set-
 tfament will not average over ten cents per acre, but of course
 as improvementw are made the taxes will be more, but never
 more than the fonner himself will thinkr just or equitalde.
 The buldig of towns with their many extensive imovem -n .
 at the start is not one of the tax-increag Proposition t-t ;
 the itler~in-Wlseonuin has to meet liands which wibl be s- ^
 cared by settlers in this State are within easy acos of towuw   4
           ,,        ,,:          ,'    '     \      ' ;-"''     I
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