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Wisconsin, its opportunities and inducements to home seekers : hundreds of thousands of acres of farming lands : no other locality can equal it

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                                     THE SOIL.
               The soil of Wisconsin is varied in character according to
             .cality, and diversified in a manner to permit of the raising
             almost any crop. It is one of the greatest dairy States in the
             Union, and the cheap lands that are now offered -to home-seek-
             ers will some day be one of the richest butter and cheese pro-
   - -       ducing sections of the Northwest. The northern part of the
             State is a great grass country. There are large areas of low
             lands which can, with small labor, be made into very profitable
             meadows; wherever this plan has been tried it has proved a
,q, 0         very paying one and the quality of the hay grown has been un-
              excelled. The nature of crops and the amount grown per acre
              in the year 1895 show that the country norti of the line drawn
              through the center of the State is capable of the greatest
              sible development to the agriculturalist. The crops of Northern
              Wisconsin this year were uniformly larger and better than
              those of any surrounding State or section. There are many
              reasons for this. Long-continued droughts are unknown; hot
              winds never blow in this locality, and the season is quick
              *L-  .sure. In some sections of the thinly-settled part of
the State
              the soil is heavy clay loam, wonderfully rioh and productive;
              from that it varies to a lighter loam, which is no less valuable
              insomuch as it is much quicker. Rains are plentiful and sure.
              'There is no part of the State where irrigation is necessary.
              good average of the crops raised in the northern counties of
              the State, which offers lands and homes for thousands, has
   a-?        . compiled from reports of twenty different counties. The aver-
              age is this:
                 Oats,.60 bushels per acre; barley, 40 bushels per acre;
rye, 30
               bushels per acre,; corn, 40 bushels per acre; -wheat, 80 bushels
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