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Rahmlow, H. J. (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. XXX (September 1939/July-August 1940)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 30, no. 10: June, 1940,   pp. [273]-304

Page 296

The State Flower Show 
                        Dr. C. M. Schwendener 
T HE show is over and from all the 
    fine comments we received, and 
 considering the weather, it was a suc- 
 cess. Also from all indications it will 
 be a financial success, but of course 
 will have to wait until all the returns 
 from the tickets are in. 
   At this time I want to express my ap- 
 preciation for the excellent help and 
 support the organization that was set 
 up gave me, and for the wonderful as- 
 sistance and cooperation from  the 
 Wauwatosa Park Board. 
   To the advisory committee consist- 
 ing of Mrs. Chester Thomas, Mrs. R. 
 R. Hibbard, Mrs. W. Roecker, and 
 Mrs. E. A. St. Clair most of the 
 credit for the success of the show 
 should be given. The first two plan- 
 ned the show and had full charge of 
 staging and setting it up, and the lat- 
 ter two had full charge of the sched- 
 ule-the entries and registration. They 
 loyally supported me at all times and 
 were very helpful in giving me much 
 valuable advice. 
 Then we had the help of the fol- 
 lowing committees who also fulfilled 
 all that was required from them: 
 Placement and Floor: Mrs. James 
 Livingstone, Mrs. Frank  Courtney, 
 Mrs. S. A. Wandell, Mrs. Oscar 
 Fleischer, Mrs. Max  Schmitt, Mrs. 
 Henry Konrad. 
 Registration of Entries: Mrs. Win. 
 Roecker, Mrs. Peter Cooper, and Mrs. 
 Max Krautschneider. 
 At the door we had a most efficient 
 committee. Mr. R. Ferge the chairman 
 of the Door and Admittance Commit- 
 tee had worked out a system of relays 
 to have the door at all times properly 
 attended. Mrs. R. C. Ferge, Mrs. 0. J. 
 Reuss, Mrs. T. P. Eirich, Mrs. T. 
 Wuchterl, and Mrs F. G. Couley ably 
 helped him. 
 The hostess committee Mrs. J. J. 
 Simon, Chm., Mrs. Roy Sewell, Mrs. 
 R. C. Schissler, with the help of many 
 members from various clubs were on 
 the job every day. 
 Mrs. Max Schmitt had charge of the 
 poster contest and we had some much 
 needed help from some men of the 
 Juneau Heights Club-a men's garden 
 club of West Allis. Mr. Sam Beernik, 
 the president, painted the entire gar- 
 den house at the north wall, and gave 
 the use of his shop when Mr. Gordon 
 Chromasta and his son helped him 
 make some evergreen stands for us. 
 They are made of metal and we now 
 own 30 of them for the cost of the 
   Lastly, I must mention Mr. Bob 
 Neus, the superintendent of the Wau- 
 watosa  Recreational Grounds, who, 
 while not a member of a garden club, 
 will long be remembered by those who 
 worked with him as the most obliging 
 and helpful person we had met for a 
 long while. 
   The judges were: Mrs. H. Wilson 
 and Mrs. E. R. Durgin, Racine; Mrs. 
 Chas. Braman, Waupaca; Mrs. David 
 Weart and Miss Catherine Morris, 
 Oconomowoc; Mrs. C. Mohs and Mrs. 
 F. Middleton, Madison; Mrs. Erwin 
 Wells, Oakfield; Mr. James Living- 
 stone and Mr. Albert Boerner, Brown 
 Deer; and Mr. H. J. Rahmlow, Madi- 
   To all of these-and I hope I have 
 not forgotten any-Imypersonal thanks. 
       Wauwatosa, May 17-19 
 A LL exhibits excepting Perfection 
     of Bloom Classes Judged by Mer- 
 it System. Ratings: Excellent, Score 
 93-100; Very Good, 85-92; Good, 80-84; 
 Fair, 75-79. 
  Terrace or Patio Gardens. Excellent: 
Wauwatosa Garden Club. Very Good: 
La Belle Garden Club. 
  Garden     Paths. Excellent: Blue 
  Mound  Garden   Club;  Milwaukee 
County Horticultural Society. 
  Dooryard Gardens. Excellent: Madi- 
son G. C. 
  Formal Gardens: Excellent: Me- 
nomonec   Falls G. C.; Very Good: 
West Allis G. C. 
          Roadside Stands 
  Excellent: Hales Corners G. C.; 
Very Good: Blue Mound G. C. 
  Breakfast Tables. Excellent: Blue 
Mound G. C., Mrs. H. Freudenberg; 
Hillcrest G. C., Mrs. Robert Schissler; 
Ravenswood G. C., Mrs. T. P. Eirich; 
Elm Grove G. C., Mrs. Allan Kriz. 
  Garden Tea Tables. Excellent: Mrs. 
Ed. Hunt; Racine G. C., Mrs. Arthur 
R. Janes; Menomonee Falls G. C., 
Mrs. Walter Diehnelt. Very Good: 
Blue Beech G. C., Mrs. Hampton 
Thomas. Courtesy Table (Excellent) 
Mrs. A. H. Taylor, Florida Table. 
  Formal Tables. Wedding    Tables. 
Crystal. Very Good: Blue Mound G. 
C., Mrs. H. Freudenberg. Silver, Very 
Good: Blue Mound G. C., Mrs. L. L. 
Cannon; Golden, Excellent: Wauwa- 
tosa G. C., Mrs. Arno Krieger. Mod- 
ern, Excellent: Blue Mound G. C, 
Mrs. Max Schmitt. 
   Period Tables, Russian, Excellent: 
 Art Institute G. C., Mrs. Ray Lun- 
 dahl; French, Excellent: Wauwatosa 
 G. C., Mrs. Geo. Adami; American, 
 Excellent: Milwaukee County Dental 
 Auxiliary G. C., Mrs. L. A. Wandell; 
 Victorian, Excellent: Fox Point G. C., 
 Mrs. D. R. Kirkland. 
      Informal Luncheon Tables 
   May Day, Excellent: Menomonee 
 Falls G. C., Mrs. Win. Poepp; Mil- 
 waukee County Hort. Soc., Mrs. L. G. 
 Stewart. Very Good: Port Washing- 
 ton G. C., Mrs. Joln Bittner; Ravens- 
 wood G. C., Mrs. E. Kronsnoble. 
   Early American. 1732. Excellent: 
 Blue Mound G. C., Mrs. R. Hibbard; 
 1750, Excellent: Menasha G. C. 1800, 
 Good: Art Institute G. C., Mrs. C. 
 Coffee   Tables,  Excellent:  Blue 
 Mound G. C., Mrs. H. F. Kuechle; 
 WVauwatosa G. C., Mrs. Howard Bast. 
 Very Good: Hales Corners G. C., Mrs. 
 W. R. Oelschlager. 
 Picnic Tables. Excellent: Milwau- 
 kee Co. Hort. Soc., Miss Stewart . 
 Wisconsin Scenes-Still Life Picture 
 North Woods, Excellent: Neenah G. 
 C. Farm, Excellent: Milwaukee Co. 
 Dental Auxiliary; Still life Using 
 Material from Florida, Excellent: City 
 Club Garden Group. 
  Silhouettes, Good: Ripon G. C., Mrs. 
Linda Tabbert. 
  Etchings, Very  Good: City  Club 
Garden Group, Mrs. A. H. Taylor. 
  Tulip Pictures: Pink to Red, Excel- 
lent: Ravenswood G. C., Mrs. W. J. 
Armitage; White to Deep     Yellow, 
Good: Milwaukee Co. Hort. Soc., Mrs. 
A. L. Noerenberg. 
  Foliage Arrangements, Excellent: 
Baraboo G. C., Mrs. Chas. True. Very 
Good: Hillcrest G. C., Mrs. Wni. 
  Fruits and Flowers, Excellent: Art 
Institute G. C., Mrs. A. H. Taylor; 
Milwaukee Co. Hort. Soc., Miss Celia 
Dix; Very Good: Green Tree G. C., 
Miss Loretta Seaman; La Belle G. C., 
Mrs. Lyle Nash. 
       Artistic Arrangements 
  Flowering Shrubs, Very Good: She- 
boygan G. C., Mrs. L. E. Larson; 
Sheboygan G. C., Mrs. H. E. Sperling. 
June, 1940 

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