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Rahmlow, H. J. (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. XXX (September 1939/July-August 1940)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 30, no. 9: May, 1940,   pp. [241]-272

Page 242

Bushel I 
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,Like TI 
the Ewald Patent Fold- 
s of wood veneer that 
  Berry box andl crate 
  K. D. in carload lots 
We constantly carry in 
rates all made up ready 
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er too small or too large 
dlie. We can ship the 
nd crates in K. D. from 
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and we aim to do our 
arge discount for early 
al brings our price list. 
Cumberland, Win. 
John J. Conery 
Rendering -   A   complete 
Year-Round Service in Tree 
Care, by a Highly Trained, 
Efficient Body of Expert 
Tree Surgeons. 
     Free Consultation. 
         Wire or Write 
1242 Moore St.   Phone 4547 
          Beloit, Wis. 
  424 University Farm Place 
         Madison, Wis. 
        Officers Wisconsin State 
R. L. Marken Pres ------------- Kenosha 
S. S. Teller, Vice-Pres ...... Ellison Bay 
H. J. Rahmlow, Sec .------------ Madison 
E. L. Chambers, Treas     - ---------- Madison 
     Term Ending December, 1940 
M. H. Bingham ----------- Sturgeon Bay 
Clare Fancher --------------- Sturtevant 
Carroll Krippner ----------- Fort Atkinson 
    Term Ending December, 1941 
Mrs. A. Boerner --------------- Cedarburg 
H. C. Christensen ---------------- Oshkosh 
Martin Wiepking ----------Cedarburg 
Horticultural Society 
     Term Ending December, 1942 
Ralph Irwin --------------- Lancaster 
Arno  Meyer---------------- Waldo 
Don Reynolds ---------Sturgeon Bay 
Prof. J. G. Moore, Chin. Dept. Horticul- 
   ture, Madison 
James Livingstone, Pres. Wis. Nursery- 
   men's Assn., Milwaukee 
Walter Diehnelt, Pres. Wisconsin Bee- 
   keepers' Assn., Menomonee Falls 
Mrs. Charles H. Schuele, Pres. Wis. 
   Garden Club Federation, Wauwatosa 
Subscription to Wisconsin Horticulture is obtained by membership in the Wisconsin
State Horticulure Society for which the annual dues are $1 per year or $1.50
for two 
years. Garden Clubs, Horticultural Societies, and other Horticultural Organizations
are affiliated at a reduced membership rate. Fifty cents of the annual dues
paid by 
each member is for a year's subscription to Wisconsin Horticulture. 
                    PLEASE DO NOT SEND STAMPS 
    Wisconsin Horticulture 
    The Official Organ of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society 
                          ESTALISHID 1910 
Entered at the postoffice at Madison, Wisconsin, as second-class matter.
       for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103,
               Act of October 3, 1917, authorized July 15, 1918. 
               Published Monthly Excepting July by the 
                      424 University Farm Place 
                         Madison, Wisconsin 
                       H. J. RAHMLOW, Editor 
            Secretary Wisconsin State Horticultural Society 
         Office: Old Entomology Bldg., College of Agriculture 
                         Tel. University 182 
Volume XXX                   May, 1940                         No. 9 
                      TABLE OF CONTENTS 
Apple Insects of 1940 ----------------------------------------243 
Effect of Sulphur Dust and Sprays on Apple Trees------------- 244 
For Success with Grapes -------------------------------------- 245 
Experiments with Ground Spraying for Combating Apple Scab ---- 246 
Importance of Soil Pore Space to Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs 247 
Are Bees Necessary for Cranberry Pollenization ? -----------------248 
Small Irrigation System Operates on One-Third Gallon of Fuel 
    Per Hour    ------------------------------------------------249 
In The Berry Patch ------------------------------------------250 
Wisconsin Beekeeping    ----------------------------------------252 
Editorials------------------------------------                   256 
Wisconsin Gourd Show     ---------------------------------------257 
The 1940 National Peony Show ---------------------------------257 
Gladiolus Gleanings -------------------------------------------258 
Home and Garden, Mrs. C. E. Strong ----------------------------260 
Wisconsin Garden Club Federation News -----------------------262 
Garden Club Districts ----------------------------------------264 
Federation Treasurer's Report ---------------------------------264 
Sprinkling Plants in Sunshine ---------------------------------265 
May In My Garden -------------------------------------------266 
Control Iris Borer and Root Rot -------------------------------268 
How to Control Cut-Worms -----------------------------------269 
Garden Notes    ------------------------------------------------271 
Rare Eremurus. (1-2 yr.) $1 per 
10. Yellow, pink, white, assorted. 
      Now booking orders. 
    Russell Lupins 10c each 
        $1.00 per dozen 
        Fox Lake, Wis. 
P.u t all S. - .. led 
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  and Cli 
     As Yoi 
We manufacture 
ing Berry Boxe 
give satisfactloe 
materials in the 
our specialty. 
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folding boxes as 
Milwaukee. Pro 
handling fruit, 
part well. A   I 
orders. A post 
     Dept. D, 
May, 1940 

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