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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 10: June, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

Page 12

   Q.--Iow will the  freeze of last 
April affect the crop of apple, philm. 
cherry, etc. ? 
  A.-Crop of 1911 should be biggest 
(Ill record. 
  Q.-Is miianure from barnyard good 
for plduis? 
  Q.-Naine three varieties (of graipe 
for lolle c( istlliln litioll. 
  A.--( oi'ord, Ie)laware, Niagarlia. 
  Q.--What tillie of the Yearl is Ihie 
hi'st to set ((lit black'berry  roots, 
spring or fall. amd what kind of roots. 
fromi old (),r V" mug than.t~s 
  *.-* )'itnrg ; uyoung  plant.  fi'roil 
r()ot  culltinlg<.  IDividill"  old  ro()tI  11,,t 
d llit hItl c xx sit h rcil   :I , ii1' ii lch  f,,l r 
lilsplt',rrie.,,r.I  wý, hll   it  be  .l l :l h 
lto mix it with slaked linie hef,,rv ;Il- 
odvi ll to hIju1 ilt t'r   l ioihli- 
  , . \ It  'i  IlllilikelYv  111AI  airy , am'v. 
woild prevent1 ftron uIe  of 'rei SAw- 
lull't to tie- iiplti  kSl ofrv  i'lfi. 
  Q . -N :m wl  the  i - di u . ..f ;i  tn,,., 
painit thim   i-l, iu m   ill  witire  ( 11(0 
inj 'il- .l t,, filw r .- t ;lul w ill 11,d 
wlesh off dirhl-'li  I. il.  ;1114  wvill  kv(I, 
rnbhits :Ild loic.  fr~mi  ill.oivi."  the 
t rees, ý 
  A.Pir l\0 wih. ](,:1',: ;114 puire ]ll- 
seed (6il paillt  will  wit  iiijure  trees, 
mill plr\event c'1tr:mle ,)f 11)re~rs illd i 
s~iIt to,  prevenm t  nlotu]'c.:  of'  riihhitI. 
  (,.-- \\'h;'t  v:1ricti,,-I  i,)t  cl.h lrrv  ;I111 
l)lIIII  tree.,  irte  }i,.q  -Ilited 1,)I . f ll llh- 
ern Woiscollsill , 
  A.  Natlve( IpUmnI siich ;,Is lh Ste 
  Ilhawkeyc, Forest (;,lrdhll,. (11:1ker, etc,. 
t'herries4  d,,  well  w    \%,r ;1'tvr  inltul- 
qlice pr,''v;1ii   ýI  ;it  I;:1yfi, id  illi!  wh,,h. 
solutheril  sh,,rc  "I'  s illit-1.,,r." ;II,,  1 ,, 
counlty. (Chcrric. ]llvc  11''t  den h,;-- 
toughly to.sled "ilflalld" ill 11,l-thri'l 
\\is,.olsil.. F I.   r IY  lH ichilimit  :111. 
'M\l~ml unrelm'.% bes-t kill's for ;Il.v 1):11! 
of \\iý(,,,,jsin where cherries iiccevd. 
  (,L--\ hat (ow vilrict ,v  (d,f  lple~s  i:4 
tile tbe-t  f',w  c,,llmljrcial  o rchard  ill 
thlis plirt of" \\'I;(",,sili *t .lun1e:111 Co.) 
  A.- l  cht' .'ss. 
  Q.-Ilow (an I preserve a hollow 
apple tree from further decay? lIol- 
low space a little larger than a man's 
fist and extending beyond tie holes 
by two or more feet. 
  A.- Remove all dead tissuje, scrape 
clean, disinfect cavity with weak 
copper sulfate solution, or corrosive 
stbliinate and fill with content ex- 
tending only to outer line of heart 
wood so that the growing parts man~y 
extclld over the ceilient a:id heal the 
  Q.-\V\lat is the 
f. tihe simill 'iuidel. 
  A. --conma. 
st r; i xv be ri 
  lx. -x cl' I  y  It \ i 1 hH1I h  w  i th 
,-mid nick ; I '(  s,,il  for  cherrhv,s 
  Ax . Yi-t : hIt t i   ligt  ",i I  -I  hett'. 
  i 1 1V ,\I I I v I v 1, :1 ill I I 'I ll II I i l 
  I   t  i it-"I ,iouti- iiihf(ýI ti. 
  it . Ix , i l t, f e  A vit I; l ; Il ' fl:i  tl I; I I teI 
  hI  ,.I I d11 w t.  Ih  , I  i.  \   1 1(..  r,.  W  , itit 
  ' if I I           I. W il 
     I.T ' . lil ' i xl ; x ii't  s  (1 If   li  i('- ( I 
  0.  W 11 rI g I \xx'rIi . I 
  v ) \Vil I  vt inl rr, ~   vl,  \,u : 
  A.  If, ,rlyIt  (me'. Pe~rfect imu. 
  Q. W hic'h i.I  thle  }w't  "ralp'  f,)r 
thi, -. lilwtv,  V(V pel r.  \\oit, .I  I,.. 
  A . I t is d, 1 h1ItfI'll i f In I ) 1f thI I 
  , :I  )c   rI)l  I iq i lt, 111   1" l')\\'IlI  ill  I(  II  l e ri
W\ i- I ,.   in  :1111  AM ichigan will %  II  ripl,l 
;1ý far  ll()'tll asq  V(s..'Jr.  Try  (C,,uumrd. 
  Q,. I),w'-  till  Itoc.k  lImve  ;Ili  intll - 
p~e('11'' , thet (i,,ln lt, t~l;t (1g'ro., thiml 
it wil1 affecqt  Ilhe  sIze  ,I. llhX\,). 4,  11w 
;rI, h " lli ef       r Ill-w 
  A. slrri-.     e        ok md 
  IIlimllll'e, lF,)l',I (;lrdehl. 
  Q). \\'ln :1.(.  th,'  tlhrc,  11 ,.1h' r  l 
:Ild pr,,,lliclivec  varictie-s  of  hite " ;[II 
ph'e. smir, bI~et  Suited  to>  1ýoI thcr 
\\Vi-w,)Is;lI g'rm\ill"-. 
  A.- Nirthi c-tern GIcein'gl.l,,\t[l 
  ,1()l  lHe,.\V dt y 
Nursery Stock 
Complete assortment of Fruit 
and Ornamental stock in all 
varieties suited to northern cul- 
ture.  A specialty of Hardy 
Shade Trees, Windbreak Stock, 
Evergreens (Coniferous), Decid- 
uous Shrubs, Apples and Na- 
tive Plums. 
1500 Acres   Established 1868 
           Consisting of 
  Strawberries, Raspberries, Black- 
berries, Currants, Gooseberries, Grape 
Vines, Asparagus, Rhubarb, etc. 
  Ornamental and Flowering Shrubs. 
Vines and Perennials. Roses Ever- 
greens etc. 
  If you would like to see a reallt 
good Catalogue we would be glad 
to send you ours. It has more thaii 
fifty pages and describes everything 
in the plainest langauge without 
any extravagant or overdrawn de- 
The Coe, Converse 8 Edwards Co. 
    Wisconsin's Largest Nursery 
June, 1911 

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