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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 10: June, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

Page 11

  Q.-Is the "Compass" cherry a sue- 
cess,-i. e., does it bear crops of any 
  A.--Very     handsome    flowering 
shrub. Fruit a    trifle better than 
choke-cherry but not nearly as good 
as poorest of American plums. One 
De Soto plum tree worth two dozen 
Compass cherry. 
  Q.-I-[ow far out from tr)ink should 
cherry and plum trees he cultivated? 
  A.-Cultivate entire surface 1'9- 
tween trees. Keep grass and grain 
out of orchard. Potatoes, beans, etc., 
may be grown between trees first thr(,c 
or four years. 
  Q.-If you cover green sod (to ex- 
elude the light entirely) with a stotne 
or plank or anything opaque during 
the New or Light of the Moon, why 
does the grass or gr eu stuff continue 
to grow if sanie is covered for weeks 
liouih it is idehlelld white? 
  A.- friprt:lnt if trio. 
  Q. Ilow deep should 1mall soe"ds 
like the seeds of the stramxberry be 
phintetl ? 
  A.--( ovr very lightly not to ex- 
ceed one-hilf inch. Lay boards over 
rows after sioxvinrg tlndl remove as 
s~edlings alim(,a r. 
  Q. -Naine ;I doze~n Ilh?),ning orna- 
mental halurdy trees adaiteld to WVis- 
  A.-Iniliossiile; the following :ir 
hardly, ornamental and blossom pro- 
fusely; locust, cherry, native and tiil- 
tivated, pluii, hawthorn and wild crab 
  Q.-How can I get a good stand 
of vetch? The sand or Hairy Vetch 
is praised so much as a cover crop I 
thought I would try it. I did so last 
summiner but with poor success. 
  A.[-The first factor in the securing 
of a good stand of vetch is to have 
good seed. It has been the experi- 
ence of the writer that a very con- 
siderable amount of the vetch seed 
offered on the market is of insuffi- 
cient germinating capacity to make 
it desirable for use. The best thing 
to do is to send early to a seed firm 
and get a sample from which a ger- 
minating test should be made. 
  If good seed is used the next fac- 
tor influenciing the stand of vetoh 
will be the moisture. Vetch requires 
a fairly good amount of moisture in 
the soil in order that it may germi- 
nate.   Of course, the only method 
of having good moisture is that there 
be frequent rains or that the soil has 
been constantly tilled so as to (i(in- 
serve what moisture bad fallen early 
in the season. I should judgi that 
probably the failure of your corres- 
pondent to get a stand last year was 
due to poor seed as the seed last 
year seemed to I~e even poorer than 
usual.               J. G. MOORE. 
  Q.-Is not D)oor county eonsidere(i 
the best location in the state of Wis- 
aonsin for fruit growing in general, 
from  past reulits. and are not lhe 
climatic conditions  more  favorable 
there than in other harts of the tlateo 
  A.--This question xxwas :itiiinyvtiis 
but wvas evidently dr',ilwd in by slime 
Stumrgeon RI.ayite. 
  I)o(r coilntv is vert'ainly iom oif 
the very biet counties in lie state for 
fruit griwing but it is not by a:tny 
means lbl, only   place where fruit 
may   le  successfifully  ir profitahily 
grown.    he two iinmlprtant l)oints imi 
which l   o)ir county excel are: First. 
thin rather infertile soil whiih in- 
dilues earlyv  beliring  a:n1d, simm  tii.  11i,1 
remarktiklm inilltiiume  ,d"'  t;ir in  bix 
and liake Nlivhigimu  in Ii-xmletiting de- 
structive springl frisets.  I'lh(, spring 
,it 11i11 dlmnmliilustraIti'l tluhi- fully. 'lhiis 
is esI i(iallHY  imlpirtantl  il  the  case  (,f 
cherries wlhichl blooml earlier than nm)- 
ples. 'I his priibaily ampl)ies. with equal 
force  to  Iayfiu hl and  tlie wholi 
southern  hilre if L.:ike Suipemir 'l- 
thoiugh it ham lmit hielm ui'. fully dcm- 
iinstrated yet. While l)Diir .miinty is 
Well adaptmqi ti cihmrry growing it is 
not lietter than a hundred other l]- 
calities in the state for uiplih raising. 
Apples do not color as highly there 
ais in many   ither counties and the 
early maturing   varieties ripen tou 
late to caitch the best early market. 
Door icunty is good, very goo(l but 
it is not iy uiy imeans all if Wis- 
  Q.-lWhat variety    if" ilacklierry 
wvouldi you rei.oitniintl for holi e (oiil- 
  A.-- Eldorado. 
  Q.-Is it Possible to cleft-graff 
pears on apple trees and apples on 
  A.-Possible but not practical. The 
linihm is never pierfect. 
     and a Full Line of all 
 Medford Veneer Co. 
         Medford, Wis. 
FORTY - TWO           YEARS 
The Jewell Nursery   Co. 
     Hardy Fruit and Ornamental 
     Trees, Shrubs and Plants 
Lake City,  -    Minnesota 
June, 1911 
  NVi ofeIr the Ă½iiiet line! of Nateive  Shl'ili 
anldI O)rnaimiienital Trets in lhe St ale. You 
can have your hlioice il Fruit Trees, WIs- 
consili crown or frol Welstern' New York. 
Attractive in ices will le madi to Narket 
(G a r d eo, n  r  s, and ot her y Iariv Iiuers of 
Nursery Stook. 
  Our Catalog is an A B C Book 
iI its niriialic'ity  and  plain  handlitni  of 
P[ alt i ti g, Fruilt (irowing  and  kindreld 
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 

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