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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 10: June, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

Page 9

and bitter 
ling moth 
oyster shell scale 
 Bordeaux Mix- 
 ture or Lime- 
Arsenate of Lead 
combined with 
lie'fore growsh be- 
  I to 10 L. S.) 
Just after blos- 
   sonis drop 
March   )r early 
April but before 
groot Ih starts 
   2a SPRAYING. 
Just after blossomtls 
  (It :i 3) or 33. 
   10 (lays laler 
oyster shell scale' Kerosene eti lsln: Wuen young are  10 Ito 12 dlays later
Milliew and shott- Bordeaux Mix-  When leaves are 
   hiole fungus    lure 3-4--50    aboutt /a grow\n 
Mildew%, blight and Bordeaux ant Ar- When leaves itre  2 ili 3 \srcks hatel
  currant v5torin senate of leatd  fully devtelopeld 
  tilhlew a ant  alt- I4or4 ieaul\ IBefotre  leaf  Itituds  2  iti  3  \v
eks  later 
    I hracnt(s(                         open 
    L.eaf-spot or Blcdeaux anti Ar- Whielt first leasve  After blossomis
 liliglt aind leaf-  seutte of Lead    al)lp4ar 
 eating insects 
 Anltraciittus MltI  Bordeaitx        AS albove       '2 \s ceks later 
 fiungoS diseilttses 
   30 SPRAYING. 
 10 days after 2d 
  (I tif 30) or 35 
      L. S.) 
 Last week of July 
or 1st week of Au- 
gust for 2(1 brood 
11) tt 12  ilays  later 
    RtE MAR K S. 
Ist and 2d spraying 
same as 2d and 3d 
for scab; merely 
add   arsenate of 
lead to Bordeaux 
oi) ilo  liSt u 4e Co1- 
     n{ral Inle-sul- 
 tlr' 441n glttosving 
 Ipihntlls  hlt  leSs  dihl- 
 lion thanl I Io 30) 
 .\ (I, I a rse ' .41  i o  of 
 haI v:Idfor s.lug anid 
 ollhel biting Ill- 
 seIs, 2 IhIs. Ito .50 
3h'A, Ilh alldl  lllh 
aplplicatlionslS ill- 
ttrvals of 2 weeks 
if required. 
"pra'ty lli\s grt)\\sth 
after fruit harvtst 
     Questions and      Answers 
  Q.   Ii whiit w;I  do thi  sli re, ofi 
x)I)](, stijitti  ( ll'F  1 i\y o\ '(4   iVillt' l' 
  A .     T Seidl ( i i..'a Il'o. Ii ,r illts ill 
dhr s hill ll' lhy -i   1Yill' on  th.  r'i fu il 
,v'r \'iitn|' :11d I   ill,\v  crop  of  -l)re- 
dlevelops 11li, thI ,se  ill  en rlY  S wp i 11 
1j     44 Is  tl l he  I f it t x i>  I   e I' ".1 'liI. 
I  () I 4  1.-) ,Il II t  I  f I'  titie (  -;I rxiY  sl )'i 11 ' 
iIf ctio  t   II .,I Iu--;  e ''i,,  tIll - e id 
I Ih ,r1(ý ' r( r he II1  im p 111) w  ;I  I I r   of' I (i tIh1,,r
    'l    l(n '  lh ',dia~o'  ('henl  I)Y  Splayill 
 ,r (lostr,>ying.  dloso'  ,,h 1lohavo..  IhY 
 ,urnring or' plowillp-,. Illhd .  The  f,111 
 111.  Asio,  IlaY  live  ,over  ,,l  the  tw\\  - 
      I.- ;I t i s g I- t. i .j k t h I pII ea I Ir 
   tee   heaIIthIIy.  :Is  1h1 y  1,(j  i I  I-r, ,t  hI .. 
   T hIIi s  s t 11rts  ; s  ".  , N Iy  I i'hI II"  1ý1-
 Ily fiue to) bort(rin Ior  fnr)s t  or] hboth 
 ,',rking'  togethe.r.  IKerI  ,,re'llrd  ill 
 'ellellill  ;111(1  1;: 11.' l '((   ill  .particillmr 
 h.frev it.- Ip ssilol,!  f'roil  tw\ig'  b hluh . 
 )o not let yount" slpro~tlt dev('hp li , 
 ,11.6ain  near.  bils(k,  of l* ;r1.,e  il  bs.ý 
 i 1)ee the ) li 1,11t oft'lenI  wo ks downl 
lhi(--;o :1114 stjirl, lbodly Ilifht. If ill- 
1',('tfiol gefls startr,, ill crotch ,or eke- 
VxIi '1 t t il l I  11I"k I f .   It'r ( .  ('Ill  o)l. 
dli:illf,(.4'l  sil'f1,nco  of,'  woultld  with  rorr 
to,,;i\'I,  ;liblilnmito,  "'-, ltioll  otn(I  cov) (.r, 
w ith h , tll 1l4.     .     [  . 1 1.xl . 
   Q .- -- h t (-' , I i  ll  t : li l-   ,i 
 hlht-klo(,rry  l'hol 1 -     :1.r  knio-n 
   ,k.- This i . oin.8 '   l',,r   ,f' the  ,ro 'l 
   a l whic'h  oc il.,' r  ,,1,  \-;Iri,+usý  hfrui 
 Ir1-f."  :Ipplo,  I ctc, q(.  It  i<  ý : 1 );I) . 
 to'ial ,l i(a ,  (/Ps,'.fi.o.w .  /a ,f, 
 r l,  i f lt ' it,,o   i  lj1t  kixlix   liii   I lt i -Y 
         r n fo~r  011I(-  ('1',I)  ] i ,  li~ll],  t , 
fh  zill l.l,                   I   . 
      A . l l, ht \whellier. it i:, ;I, ;I rulle. 
 For}1  rx; il de,](  li' S tock it,)':  es peSlt- 
 ,'illy liolhc to, (l.jiry hIvy mihhl.w. 
                            1,. 1 Z .1 . 
  Q. - ( %Iit  1'11-t  I( v pre\(' 11tehd,  oill  ý1ý- 
  oi l'r;I -  I  .  I  Io w   lI  :iY."."  ;"- : Ir; I ,II
 ,Ii ý-- 
cqilý:s  1i 11 r1 ,\'o~lllt  I:  IIow  clr olic' t,,I 
fil' r tlli,.y  hli\ve  oii,,  g'iiln(e,  :i  f'oot, - 
known   ýi-, y vt to pr'\eve tlhi-ý wholly. 
('tort~liil c', niller,'ia \;I'i h ties ;Ir, 
Ili11 l'0  I't'<i~l  a lit  (P ila lilI(le t ,  'l  :;, il, 
June, 1911 
"herry and 
urrant and 
  Strasl terry 
spberry aniid 
Vincennes, Indiana 
W. C. REED, 
   Cherry Trees by the 
        100 or 100000 
The Growing of Cherry Trees 
has been our Specialty for 
Years. Our soil and method 
of growing produces a Tree 
that is not excelled by any 
one. Splendid blocks of two- 
year 5 to 7 foot trees and one- 
year 4 to 5 foot trees. Early 
Richmond, Montmorency and 
other leading varieties by the 
100 or car load. We also grow 
a general line of other Nursery 
stock. Personal inspection in- 
vited. Correspondence solicited 

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