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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 10: June, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

Page 8

Iffilrn~in   IiarflealtUre   NOTHING MUCH ABOUT SPRAYING 
        Published monthly by the 
 Wisconsin State Horticultural Society 
     24 E. Mifin St.. Madison. Wis. 
       Official organ of the Society 
    Secretary W. S. Ft. S.. Madison. Wis. 
  AsSOCIATE EDITORS, Sixteen Hundred 
       Members of the Society. 
  Subscription price Fifty Cents a year 
  which Includes membership in the Wiscon- 
sin State Hlorticultural Society. 
  Send subscriptions to Frederic Cranefleld. 
Madison, Wisconsin. 
  Remit by Postal or Express Money Order. 
Coin may lie sent safely If wrapped or at- 
tached to a card. Personal checks not ac- 
cepted. Stamps accumulate faster titan we 
can use them. Do not send stamips if any 
other moans are available. 
  Advertising rates made known on appli- 
Wisconsin State Horticultural Society 
D. E. BINGIIAM, President_ -Sturgeon Buy 
C. L. RICHARDSON, Vice-President_-Stanley 
L.  . K iL    'tX;(;. rir - -.-.-.---- RIpon 
  C.(RANEFIELI*I,  Sec'rehlrV_ ---------  IMsdion 
D. E. BINOHA It,  Chairman ------- Ex-Offmci,, 
C. L. RICHAItDSON----       EX-Offii'ilt 
L. (G. KELLOt;; -....       INT ff-(li 
F. CRANNstIo - DEx'-(fi"1" 
1st DIeT.. VNI.               C-ltsiN' AND... lato' c.'nevi 
odu P DI.T : 11. I t I:sl.v ---------- M andion 
3rd Dist., WM. TOOLE ------------- laraboo 
4th DIRT., F'. W. IIARLAND .-  Milwaukee 
ith PIST.. 1. (,. ME,CHaEa.. Otnnomowoc 
f6th DIST.. E. GONIZENBACH ------ Sheboygan 
7th Dist., F. A. RIlenRansoN ------- Sparta 
8th Dist., N.  A.  IRASIusEN  ------ Oshkosh 
9tb Dist., A.  W.  LAWRIENCE,  JR a ------ 
                         Sturgeon Bay 
I Oth tit'. I l\IX¢ S'11ll[..... T1%I-   _ ,hbidi 
11th Dist., 0.  FLANDERS -- -------- Bayftitl 
D. E. BINGHAM           F. ('RANEFIELti 
  Annual Membership           $0.50 
  Life Membership ----------------5.00 
    Remit to Si'reriarv W. S. i1. S. 
           ;i      he  Il   in dt's 
  BeT hllt om it Imliv Iitt  ]'hhi"ituuhxrii 
].:nowS,  fill-.  c flr llh i  ltha  .1111v  ,  I-  l ., 
nIonith oft hligs  :11id  \vr~lk. 
  Tlhe' lilht iiltilli  +if  ol.i  rvndcrýi'-  i-  Ili- 
vited to  tlle (l111esti~lll  :llld  A~ll\Vil 
    (')ltll ill  tlhi,  i-114',  P'rofs.  ,ol wl,s, 
slulden'.h N1 , (,  I re +.!  :ill  Stolle  o)f 
the, Agt'icoltullnd  Colleg+e liev\'(  falil 
to  rspolndil t''heit 'alled  oit.  0(11i 
readers owe theni miuch. 
   Spraying is seasonable matter for 
 this number and there really shlould 
 be more of it but our space is iin- 
 ited. Furthermore every nemntber has 
 been furnished with a copy of Bulle- 
 till No. 19 which contains formulas 
 anti] directionts for making anl     ap- 
 plyiing the standard spraying  mix- 
  Flowers shouhl'oectiuy a large lpart 
,f (every wvomiian's tienc. There is 
soimeit'thiitg So r'fihiitg  fuil etncourag- 
ingI abou tillt e  little  blolsso~li I.;a til l, vlt3 
look til) to you, that wte iistihictivelN 
feel tlheir iiflutliU'ti'e  :full i  :i   lhiil, 
firget our sotidid carie's lilt an',' i'tt- 
te]. ]Pereflltials  arelo't ; ,s   It-ollilp  thall 
:iltiitl.1s,  lil t  .< il hialt   :ti  til t xi ' wider 
rainge inl chioice withi seedling-;s 11i1d 
the flower'i', are So uxvely  ltidwv well 
Ipny   ht i  exth iltr   iaiol. 
  i'rtIxil iui lh  Misi  Duiutii  \th1l   i- 
teacher  ii" hth ly' ill iiI-  \It ndiol l 
Iligih  st ii'h , ti ltt '. il I ll  fllrllit   ;I  lisl 
xf  r wi hl   f l i  xx, i  oltis  i inlt'  i ll 
"1"1le  list , whic.h  iproved.,  t,,,  hli.-"  I'm. 
nl Ipishil  card,  wwa (11 ,  vl  r,'-celvied  hilt 
fxil,'  rl hruu.   (  c': nflui ioi l siRt'   hilim 
  crimx d  i  mt (dtxuhe luilx   titiitiitr. 
.\ hllhllu,,'i s~l+\hl " ne h ilt ,  h:114.   it  i-: 
  I will give \")it;I ilIiý4 (d,fh+ t]w ll\iwlr+ 
ilirolig'ht  inll  Y  olY3  l ilpikl  Ill  \Inly. 
]90(9. LI,+sl  \el:11,  \Vos  fill)  cx,-(.plt Wi ],)i~ l 
yoili r11111ii 11)(1h'.  I  dol  lioil  kill)\\  .1*usf 
\\wllpr'e  each'}  flowe'!r  w\;I.Q  obtiililiedr. 
  Th'le li~i hb,_,'in, .%Iy 1 and Ipro'-Ted 
;1i ord'+er (it, (Ih, +of bri'iin.'h ill." 
  Cowvslil:  'i'lhow V'idlet ; spiiill+' 
13(.ýJiulyN;  l),og-tl otlh  VT,1:"'.,h1- 
wo'lrt;  Sktiin.k (C ihbl)ýw ';  Rue+  A1ll0lllii- 
IleI; Ever\lnl'a  t in  W oo \ lid  Ai\liellolw I': 
shieldliefrd's Pl'l-e+,: Wihld 'rlwhbrry, : 
WVihld  )xaili:  hic~k-in-dwe Plplllit 
\Vhih, Trillium;    3lebhlk,,ls  luv 
wo',rt): Il'obll l~illnaway; \\Vhit(- \'i,,- 
hcd  (sinall Mlue conqltet) ; D~rooping' 
Trillion)    DaIhrk) P~uccooln; \\Vihll 
   ( l '' liii'i :  \ u l jttjl ,ll' \r  (  I.oniST- 
   \\i t'  I ;  oilomooii 's  So;]lI ;  N !,v ll, 
shimtllii slt';l )clhlw  shtil'-,,r;ilsS; 
I l~ilzllt I  lPurvoll,  :  \\Vill]  l,1hhx ;  Blar- 
hl 'ri.\' ;  ýN  I v;I(I\\" X  I~ilte  (shiliniiiilte) ; 
Wihld  I .lushard ;  \Vill]  Colun11llec; 
Thorn~'l Aplelh; Witter Butterc'up; ]3ille 
Tradescantia; White Clover; May 
Apple   (Mandrake); Yellow     Sweet 
(lover;    Clivers;  White    Violet 
(large); Wild   Crab   Apple; Blue- 
eyed Grass. 
  Here are sonie addition.s from other 
yea rs: 
  Shadbush   (.June - berry) ; Ehler- 
berry; Blluets; Oak     (staminate); 
Sarsaparilla; Mottitain Ash; Phia- 
celia; Showy Oreltis; Wilt Gingver; 
Yellow Lady's Slipper: Wild Indigo; 
Blirdfo,,t Violet; lBlaicklerry; Flea- 
lane; Locust; Linden; Burr-flower; 
Yarrow; Tall Anemone; Funnitory; 
Bell-wort (large): Spuirge. 
  Ili 1910 there were 44 wild flowers 
birought hi duritg Marchl and April. 
                 A  .T. \~rr i. F.  E)l.:x\. 
June, 1911 
To iplce your order for Trees and 
l'lauts. DON'T DELAY. Time for p)lant- 
Ih- is raphill.\ advancingt. 
Send us you, list of wants and place 
your next order with 
The Most Northern Nursery in 
           the State. 
IFruit. sliiade anld Ornamental Tl',lis. 
IPlant s. Vinies. Rises, Ev'ergreens. 
  Establi shed IS99i. 
        OSCEOLA. WIS. 
Hardp Nurserp 
Stock         Adapted for the 
  We offer a complete line of Fruit, 
    Shade and Ornamental stock. 
       Varieties that will suit 
           your needs. 
Berrp Plants, Rhubarb, 
Grape Vines, Asparagus 
in the Leading Sorts. 
  Garden and Commercial Orchard 
  Planters will do well to write to us. 
  Prices consistent with  Quality. 
  "Sendl f l' w our'livW  19]11 "at aloa vintit hled. 
IIAR 1),Y  N I'I, Itsvn  sTIr !It;," 
McKay Nursery Co., 
- -     - - Pardeeville, Wis.- 
Nurseries  at Waterloo, Wis. 

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