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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 10: June, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

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     Wisconsin Horticulture 
                     Official Organ on she Wisconsin State Horticuhlural
Vol. I                             September, 1910                      
      No I 
        DOOR COUNTY 
  Ilhc city and town of sturgeon 
I lily and aiJacilent ivillige of Sawyer 
1- bill part of D-,2oreunty.   rhre 
, really rIoch biesides..  1rlI  stle. 
Ieait only5 sutrprise sony e ipeople, 1n 
slting nat a fes Sturgll Frayite,. 
  Door county or tile Door I-liO 
sula has been Osaneiated iu  the 
Iiando of Wisconsin hortieolt2ri,1 
lliniled tire hrst archuml. of nny snIl. 
in DIoor county    and  induced   hi, 
neighbor. I. do likewise, but an tih 
details of orchard growtl   at Star 
geon Bay is really no part ol thll 
story we will riot go into it it( thi, 
time. Theoe men ipursued thel, 
busineoss in a quiet. methodical nov 
and no land booms were apparent 
lhill reently    With the big crea 
1h Saua d, of ncre, L,f lalil taht  fromo 
  ,i  sall c11  e . llnlltllIn  uppell a'e.(s  c00l2(01 
-'1   ildoolv lhd io  f'i h t 1 1 
111y .......  S ollrg,,i  lNiy,  Ihe  nm - 
groedl ., uiuLh,, dho ,.il ý i i N. 
and '1iho  loill  the hoc  ili(1,2 i   n1,' 
212e iaon,  I t s It  a, t0h2  ai u lllili 
en t "iir te, If     doli2I1rle Ire Al. 
oalie & Western. after wanderinl., 
leisarel) from Grecen lilly Ito 
    Nebraska Horticulture 
VOL I                        LINCOLN. NEBR. FEBRUARY. 1911              
       NO  I 
  The management of the Nebraska State Horti 
cultural Society takes pleasure in presenting to the 
members lif the society, this, the initial number of 
Nebruka Horticulture. lliurticltural interests. il 
the state are growing andt the tlmblicalioln of tIis 
monthlly lagazine is planned it, assist in c'reating 
01d Itllnlilaing yet greater interests 
  florliculllure ios been gradually developed in 
Nebraska  At ihe tine, of the organizatlion of the 
Stale hortiitultlur'al socielty In 1869. Nebraska was 
1wo mllijeelt., has riot I1e2en of ihrect interest to each 
alnd every memlber  Atilt for some time it has been 
felt that a m1edlium, broader in its field of usefulness, 
lonlalmnllg i gretler and lilre diversified funtd of 
horticultural informatlon should supersede the bulte 
fins As a result of this feeling, the increasing in 
Ierest in hortlculnre andi in keeplhg with the policy 
of the f xeculive board to make the influence of the 
sniety 2is wilely felt as possible, this publication is 
  Nebraska Horticulture will contain each month 
                                      N EBIRA SIA. 
Michigan Horticulture 
Vol. I 
  1.0 i ........ .. -11t'. il.h , 22(22222 
Ii2(0 ((2 2ll   2I  21('  \[I2 htl(21.   '91.te  II.,r 
((i(212d(2.1  '02 l21h  (  Iculcni .  II, 11 2( 
  I 14 -oh~ loh r,  -1,d',  Ii.  tl~x  prc- 
    ,h   s~ ,l~l i who It-l d'co-oi 
    .It~ ~ ~~ ,  h -  I k , o+  '  , p c, i+ 
l   ll  - 2 i( 1 r(.2 t  1 2 ,yo(r 
1 " a 1., 1, ( . ( t ... 20 R-2I12 nd2( 
  IIi lt   -11- 1  - i o,f  wahl;i  ~ ll Ie l 
20l.222,1  hlo kIll'r, 222 \ y le~,l r 2( 
   I , 't 11o,cnl r 1 7- 
   !   .2 . 1 122(22 022(22( 
 1,,,111  aodl ( 1(  i  .11,2(2t l 
 ,(h .,o h l,*,l 
 .2l(w2l o  Ir *l y 12(2" 2 I , 2(21 
 22.22(222I  th2 i  llle 10.2 
MAY 191 1 
2(22 02hhl, .22 lI .". I   - h- "  ,-h-&2lh 
22t , ;[ 1,'11121-  0-112 n  h. ;"k 2,2  i , 
p,1.  ,,,,p,   lh2 h.r , I(2 ,1( - 1 
           ...      ......2(20 .22( 
 2  12(2(2I   I  2  1hl 2,.ll 2 ,  22 22l((0i 
 22212(2 hll I 222 l  ,22(2  2~li 2222,  I,2 22 h. - 
   (,r i ii l , % 'r 2 2'~122 12 '''2 I (1(2( 
2.2  lh, .  2i~  1il2  2022(l(2h2  h1i. ,2 tw  I 
No. I 
   222,2(224   o22 .2 M g,,- -_. 
l-ool( 201(1 1- 1 '0 ... .. 
illt  ,d.,22  22l2,  i lhlt'  in  l2t2it  02~ll 
(2(2o(2Is22  222l2ul I((((.1  2222(21~ lbll  I 
             ,  1 hl d I,1 2 ,(   . 
               Io-   1 l oh  ' 
          iod122   t( o 112 .1 t'l  . 
            I.(1  k(  (1(2  I 2(2 12  2 
          2,2h111    .11hr 1 2 1   I 
          0.I,22 - bo i  isrw.ill  li2t,11 
          lgraisd and a ,e ll 01 ((lh 
MI ItIfl(AN. 
  Hoisrticultural journalismt surely is , onttigioluO. \Xiscinsin in September,
-Nebraska in February and Michigan in May. WVho will bo nuext? 
  If it le true that imitationk is the siticercst form  (if praise, we are
grateful for the compliment. 
pages about "matted"     and   "half- 
ilatted" rows, "hill Culture," etc., and 
you would be lost in a sea of words. 
Jlusit pass At up, that dope is for the 
professional; all you want is straw- 
berries. That will he about all this 
           A BUMPER CROP 
  Everything points to a bumper crop 
of fruit in     Wisconsin     this year. 
Orchards everywhere are loaded with 
b1os10 (1 i1. 
   Our Wausau trial orchard will, if 
aIll goes well, yield three thousand 
tiushels of apphls oin the seven acres. 
There is also bloohm enough for one 
hundred btlshels native plums but it 
is never safe to count profits on plums 
at Waisan.--t h     fruit ripens slowly 
atild is ioften c'aught by early fall 
   The Med ford orclhard promises a 
 fair crop and there will he apples at 
 Poplar and Gays Mills. 
   Thoere will he an immense crop of 
 apples hlt no grower who sprays and 
 iitltivate.+; his oreliard need fear an 
 over-suipply or a dull market. 
   Most of the apples will he wormy, 
sealiy   an1d unsalable.  Twenty-five 
years of telling has Inade hut little 
ilujIrl(ssionI (in the average farmer so 
far is c'mr( of friuit tr(es is eoncerned. 
J'lor this   we say,--no more 
farm  hrtlhards. ixcept otitlicient to 
supply lhe family needl. 
   Spray, ciiltivate and ruli off sprouts 
onit trees wheire nout inetdeih. Last of 
ntionth thin fruit oil trees bearing 
hiev ily  especially plims, pears and 
apples. Watch for aphis, living scale 
lice(, plni eiriudlio atind other insects 
ntid spray when it c'an le safely done 
with lintlo-sulphur solution  but al- 
ways use lead arsenate with it. It is 
hot safe ti use it alone as a summer 
spray. And iagain cultivate. 
                       A. L. HIATCHI. 
   Q.-What are the iest Ctnmmercial 
erab apples. 
   A.-Prohably IHyslop and Transcer- 
(lent, hiat my experience is averse to 
all irabis as a icollunlercial proposition. 
Once 11:1d the crab apple fever with 
tifty kinds. None were profitable. 
                        A. L. HATCH. 
June, 1911 
No. I 
Vol. I 

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