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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 10: June, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

Page 5

  The use of lime sulphur as a sumi- 
mer spray is yet in the experimental 
stage. A few enthusiasts are now rec- 
ommending     its use exclusively   but 
xxe must await further trials.     Cer- 
tainly  every one who     Sprays  hopes 
that it may dlisplace Bordeatux and 
hone more fervently than those whose 
task it is to give out iniformutitint. 
Ilow   perfectly simnpe and e'isy     to 
,fty: "Just pour oie inild i half gil- 
Ions of this beautifuil chir liquild in- 
to fifty  gaillonis of  water and    go 
ihetld."  \W hot iwI\ ii]ilii'  .-]rtilx  li lt 
to the liVxrilge  groxveir w' xi x, -'  ) 
.;ISyV. AS, till i'Xilllllplh oft' thle dlif-Tor- 
O'nce of' oplhi nio not(i thi follxwinlg 
,xtrl'icL- froil| paipers rein] at the ani- 
tilll I Illi'till "  of  ite  Illinois  sI liety 
list Ifottai'llir. 
WII. JI. iicoi/. I'. S". I';pt. of Alir. Er- 
           i,'i edin  I'll. andI X it-h. 
  KI'/eits 1,o 11ti,' Fuliu'. lo'rdealx 
ii ilture ii ;i l' 'l  loiui-'i'  injiury  thln 
ihither of,' tlhe li'i' -suilphi i '.  xxl' ;le'- 
lionls anl' if if  ini' ry ittt'ii'il  ;' l ixx  tutu 
-,;I.SMIl  :l(d\vtlc('[q .  T ile  ]lvolveý  \\,,l 
I litigi'r l iiti h,<> -  -l. iutl.   xx'ith t B'i t'-h 
(.pliltl e  4)f  lhein  till-'lledl  y.w lhm\  :111d 
I tu w iiiiix-ftiim . J ill| 1" >i till ilgl  \k I i 
Ilnilto gh  til.h e lsol   with niih   het it'r 
I ýdhige Ilholu  thos*(' slpraycell  with  I/1 i.- 
, :11ilX  niixtlurc, d(.11ino sihrlint  i  he  Sit- 
,ririiy   i iif the  fu-ins e' fiui. ide  (over 
I, r atter  ill ibis resplect. 
  Effect  lm /w     I'ril. i-Thicre xx'i-l 
  eii'i~lyX'ti] iifi'lt'rli'e  )xwx''t-li flue 
  nil,- Ill hlhur  S'lluli(i  |nl w ill,(h   Boor- 
  :tx  tlnixltuiir'  it  tif l  c'u t lof'  flue 
  'I-iCes thii rre] 'mi i   the  frudio. 
  . i Mh iit fruil t 'l ttfl  xl sxi IIlNll  h 1,i1 
  ,re collntrilh d  e  jIlu;ill)  \\'c1  I),  ll< 
  tig i 'iuh,,' . 
  7'lie fruit lot'  zill  \'Iricicl ,  pr l pr -d,, 
  ili Ilhe linie-11U111iiu' ýý,liliioll+ \VilS A]- 
  o.-t fret froin spruay itlt-). Tile uil- 
  ;11l       ofl'li htlx' theut h i Stiem ii' co- 
  r v(I ýli'ht ly alitd i f s;)ili v fi ctrii- 
  Its- thlis  ralil  (ove\ ' 1  tol l)  fthe  Side  of, 
    aplel~l; but :iý ;I ruole I~ll fruil \\v|is 
  ,,.>ill  clenn  :fill] hlig'il~v (lY .e   The 
  -h color llnd golwil'a :llppeorni'ilre  1)!' 
  fi s fruit x'oiutd  pl a eL''  it  i li I  gradl . 
  ]," er |,|uil  that  slpr'nycd  \itli  B>,lot- 
Il tix, x'liil(h  \x'(uh o ii  oetullt tItx' ltx'-fix'' 
  uit-i to fifty ientts a lirlrel ii pIrice. 
   Pie Control of the Apple Scab.- 
It will be seen from this table that 
the home-made linie-sulphur solution 
on I the Bordemix mixture both held 
the scabI down to about six per cent of 
the crop, while practically all of the 
unsprayed fruit was scabby. The plot 
sprayed with the eomniiercial solution 
hind the Io west percentage of Scabby 
fruit (2.2), hut this wtis probably due 
to a udifference in the plots and not in 
the fungicides. It wuhld seem      front 
these results    u and those obtained it, 
previ,ois experinments tflit the effi- 
cienicy 'J f the lifie-sulphl.v Soluthion 
a-. a irei'iiedvy for aliple  rail couhld ill 
bmui'r be questioied. 
  N.B. Wotkill. '.ISS1. ('h1c1i.l/. l',11'rr- 
  .Si/q of I/Iiouis. A.ij'xio'lrions lo o 
  liloliS 1910. 
               So[ M NI 1,10. 
   1. ,self-Iboiled litlel, ;11nd stll',tr p,,- 
       X. civ r  little  fu'lig 'itdal  v% ill(,  it 
col~ltrdl' l glll   appleh  scnl),  :1ille1  is  It'll 
xlry idhieixe. 
   2. I   tin i-rnxdv how  sulhir   j- 
Illmrc  oflec'live ill c. ldrolitil' co 1, 
tHolm   Ay'llilercial ]ilio, Sulfur, ; . o 
A.Is'   t ilon. tihiixive ,I an ud  . , I'-s 
fll   , f i l. ry. 
      3. IImh. l lx ix lnr., t--t-50,  iS  ;I 
lolchi  11,11- offi'.'live  fu i'd, thIlll 
lllie .1ulfir. ole lplolicathiol ',f it gv 
ill, I. iieir  reI  lt  1* 1:1i  th ' n   t ]f lil e 
   1.t. .\r v l h s i, f  lead ) I  I t; ItIItit  ,i  I 
high  :,1l,,,,liis  lo,f  :,'scli<c  acid  w hw,', 
c,', 11bil,,,d  \\ith  lille  '1lfh ir..:u ,  c',, - 
,-idh'r-A dY  llwlyl eA, I, I  ill.illry  ;,ml<  frili, 
Itl  .-Si'x i1r1111 f ll'll hs  ofl t   smv  i llt is, 
   t . ] 'oll  iUx  ilix' ture f'  t t'i>lhw   hv. 
alqlp lh alimlns  ()f'  t-,50  Ililk  if  linlil. 
C Mi l:.,-.  Iiit(1l c-]  h 1. 11, lll sttillg'  )ft  frulil 
illid] ilijulry  I')  t',dlialg   th nil  "I  I wll.i- 
    n   01r1iy iieldh,.  The  ]he li loc  evll'  1,l 
hll\l e :1  t s ilo illo ini "  eff'ect,  collil,4 li,: 
larger f, diiiie; ol d ll   fruil,  anid  nu~ilo.;, 
fit(. [{ 'l~ lllX ll n,',       ;111(1si 'l  a l ( -1-t' 
t'ectiv, liver a h    per iodh. Tbc c'mo- 
billed  n ,ii'll, I* ti~ lhl,  l<r lh~a iix  nli1(i 
inil]k ()f  himn , lic'it'l n, I S bil  dlh  algnlills 
the f're~eze )f Alpril 2:h'rl and 21tlh. 
             t ;i\(AA. Slo)NS. 
  The e\'idenice 1)hlaiulle I'lmoll \vol-iltl-' 
xerloeitinenl cmidlitwtll] by illie Il'nite,! 
Siiahcs  ] ep:llieir t Ino l  i  Agricuil~l|re, 
:1nd  \'il]of llthe  tvxperinlieliL st.ilionqý, 
;;s w,'lli :I1S the wo'lrk ),)t thev on-11uildist'. 
seenis-i to warrant the following con- 
cltisions " 
  Bordeaux mixture often russets the 
fruit and inijures the foliage of many 
varieties of tipple, and it.s use in the 
early ptart of the setilsinli should, there- 
fore, be avoided las inl mlui as possible. 
   Linme-silliipii soliutio n, diliuted  so 
is to co|ltiin four imtnlds of sulphuir 
ill e lih fifity g lillllb   (it f  sipraiy.  i  a 
goo   Sill!Sti iut   'mfir  l dtirliaux  inixtillre 
inl thill treainntii oif tIhf (iiiab tnd 
solme ohlier disetsesll ifift] will hot iiui- 
lvriaillyv r'll.set ll fruit liolr hInjure flho 
folx iage. Thit cm it ' en I  i'lltei d I it  I tiofni 
Ililiy beo till-Mihlsed  frollil  tiio  factor'y 
alld  diluled ait thel ';l(, I e  (if  (onel  allnd 
olne-h1w~f g'all~li. ll,  to iftY  gnillolls  oft 
wlitel, (or it follly 1wl p~repalred at holne. 
   This  f'illigiciide  will x i 'ii rit  io ltile 
-silt, f'ruit s;ofl, leif sfolt  nod cedar f,1iliY  :..s  \ell  a1.s  l ,lrl' :lh, Xu   Ilix- 
toUe, ])11 1n;1,  ii)o  xet  iroveil  tio   lib a 
,-tif  l l.f t (, I.Y  t'll)  hint ' ,r-r .  W here  it 
iý lmc,S,.Sl.r, ,, to ýp'ay fmr lhiS ,liýe:ASV. 
-h ' t iril'.,s  lixu i'-- ti~ u r  itlll' t .-. Iionei,0r 
   111ah lii v  Ill,  t"',Ihmwed  ait  tie l'l-  p op r 
        itte                        -rt 
  Sil( \\'1(h                   \otll~lu co )ih i l-rl 
it( liinl '  til x,   r i it. 
   ,Arl-- il. lft' l exi i h 1: -i tli V  k . <:ifel.a ilti- 
SoIi1cl,:Sfiily  lis(,l]  ill coonih lnalioln  w\ith| 
the  , diluhv lin l u llo( .ý ir)1'1  ýodlliilh l  fo "
tlhe (.nl'ro] of Ilw .midliii" lIII)Ii nnid 
(,linwr i nlsocl. 
  It~  Ill  lIl g m   Vm- ill  m dlr 'illU'r   . i]ll,,] 
lll ito., 11t'  tli ovll~v ,! n   shrif- los.  11' 1'd ( IIS 
:1i1d prize       )t'*l :1 <t"  llk ind'.  W ei  \\'llnt 
ii i.-' o-,d'(  of,  XVI~tc,)\sI\  [ lr~   I.T 'i. 
F\ IE-( i ii.iEl  co()I( tI. . INE  V . IRGINI 
iicREE-uER.  x i \1111:1.I) S'-  i,'Ni ,M AN Ni.  IN 
I'll,F ) I: .  It'sll   \4  ("' N  111.l111FitEI)  ' I"is. 
June, 1911 

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