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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 10: June, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

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                             Offleial Organ of the Wisconsin State Horticultural
Vol. I                                               June, 1911         
                                     No. 10 
of Green Lake. in Fairmers' Institiluh 
   Not very iuirh has beein donle ill 
the state of Wisconsin for bird pro- 
tection. More than twenty-eight years 
ago, the gentleman who should have 
preceded ine on the iroigraii of tile 
afternoon (Professor King), was en- 
pl, yed by the state (of Wisvonsin to 
,,repare a paper on the eeonilif,- vahlii 
(if birds. lie worked on it for sonwi- 
thing over four years, and whien it 
was comnp]etefl, the great state , ' 
Wisconsin hail a dociineiit oif vailiie 
to every citizen if the state pliblisled 
in a voldme on the "(Geohlgy of WVis- 
ionsin," as thougli Miisc-, \vi aoi lie 
engraved the Ten (Connnniiinlents I- 
on the tablvs of stone, had ieft theni 
upon the rjlt+iiiii an olt e e - Iwo\ 
and intimated to the pe-ople that there 
was something valhable in an lilc- 
vessible place, but it would perhaps 
kie just as well to eliillib up and see 
what wvas to fie found.     Whe-I tIl- 
work on the eniiiliic value of birds 
was publishied1 by the State (if \Vis- 
.0nsiin in a great viiiinie on the (Geol- 
',gy of Wisconsinii. it was certainly 
leing published in the last plac-e in 
litc worhl where a boy or a girl oir a 
t;irluer (f Wisconsin woild naturally 
],,ok for a paper of snch iniestilIalihe 
  I reiterate that not very nnich has 
i,-n iloneo in the way of bird prnrtei- 
tin. 1)ean Russell stands for better 
j. ethods of fariniig, scientifie farnm- 
ig, and lihe stands for t he extirpation 
f,' the foul ulcer of bovine tibernuh,- 
ý ; Supt. MceKerrow with hIis varnest 
',.il faithful body of assistants., for 
e 4hteen or nineteen years has been 
g,,ing from ciounty to county, from 
t'oy to city, from hamlet to hlamillet, 
pre-aching the gospel oif glda tidliigs 
Wt great joy of better methods on the 
|iiin, bringing this home to you, and 
ti1, state has finally deeided that there 
shall be a clean dairy product andi a 
salnitary barn and it Ires put mnen in- 
to field to educate the people iin 
tiiat directioni. 
  But where has a voice beeln lifted 
in behialf of the protection of our 
luiris. That paper of lPro'fessor l(iuut 
should have Iseen ptbliishieil ais a sep- 
arate volune anid oimt iii the library 
if every   school in  Wiseuosin; the 
q iiest i)i  of  1)i rd  p ritAeit ion  sIull I(I 
have   a  place  in  the 
shoirt i.ourse- in  igri- 
(.11tltrealt Madison alld 
in thie- fariilers' ot-ioi s,, 
and ill eve-ry [istitiute 
hhI inI the, -it ate  ,f 
   You say, "Is' it   i- 
piirtinit..  i  it so ini- 
(,ilr t altý" Lit iie- ii- 
   D)uring aill iisurrei- 
tiiiu in Paris. a tein- 
porary   barricadle had 
beein thrownii aroiss tie 
street and it was being 
wati-hed l by i- couiple of 
FreiIi oficers,, wlien 
suihhenly i t  cat  rainl 
ai-ross it. One oithter 
saitif] :I lello, thier goi-s 
a eiirri(-tiiu," andil  r-c- 
,)lying ti all i lte'roriu - 
lion in ill( ,.v(p+ f hlis 
ioiimpaniioin, he  said 
,Whlieii ( )l uiiade  al 
mlOitse, lIh- ri-l izi-il lie 
hail   nai(le, a miistake. 
andii soi He Made ail (.;It 
to c-oirrei-t thil- nistaki  Ile had iiualde 
in the cre-tion of tei niioiisi." 
   Now, waiving tih-eology, I w'ant t" 
saxy that when (iid olpienedI thie- dIlir-: 
of  -(reatioin  to tilt mnyriadi of  -rawl- 
inig, sujiiiinrumiug, repulsive inseits and 
to tIle perni(iiius weeds, with all rev- 
erence be it spoikein, it seeniis likei a 
mnistake; blit if it was, tlii uistake 
wias  ilorr(iteiI,--t ha ( -h]arly  inil-it 
have bteen the ii htention,--by tlie (crea- 
tion of the bird, anti the lbirds stanid 
in the same relatioin to the harnifiul 
insec-t and the harinful weed that the 
('at, ldo s to tI, - Iill .te. 
  I want tii tell you a siigilir thing 
whicih I canUiiiot aecount for--I woiniler 
if pili cianl  ls-t there bei a fire in 
thiis i-ity, ilitai iling  one  hli uudreiI thou- 
anld dIollars hiss, and ivel paper ii 
the state would give it livaiilliuues, and 
yel, ildo yo know, hihoi'e is lint all oak 
growinig oilie hli hlsidIe that halo.iit 
     'IiHi Si llil)  . 
 four uliindrid hirking, insistent      i and 
 persistent i lisi-t eillillies Seek i ng 
 after its life?  D)o y(oui knuow tlhat 
 thriiugh insects which  iifest thein, 
 the loss to the forests if Amnericai, in- 
 stead of amuiouiniting to onre hinilred 
 thoiusaild dollars, ilniiiuiits toi ii hu- 
 Irt-il million dollars anniually, and you 
 never -eci- anything ill the daily pa- 
 pers abolut it eitlher. 
 (O)it in  noirtheasterin Oregon, one 
 foirimi oif inisett, the  ounitain  Pille 
beetle, destroyed   fromu  i inety  to 
ninety-fivey per ient, il the tliree years 

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