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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 9: May, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

Page 13

Maty, 1911 
high, niedium, or low, open or spiral. 
is in their favor andl [ believe with 
others . thit they inake beIter tree-. 
   I have made the Iisiit-dl of l)lat- 
 ing  trees too t,.otlier ill iii' 
 first orchard; anid again, ill pllltitlig 
 too inany varities. it lk-,; to illi, 
 lilw like Iavinig gone   i hunting with 
 :nI old huhiiderlms. A roid it! 
   II bothers when, y.ou (iouii to spriy. 
   Lake (~i evi . \iV. 
        \ 'it-Ti It ( \ I ) "i1 \ I k! . 
   M aly I ]lloud,  fitld  olot(, a , la l 
 ill cold f'ir ,t ( .1 i tl-Ihl - a:lhirt. ,1111 
 I l]llit iil  the  fichl  -I  t''  i, . 1 i i't 
 0,]I rich, Illo i-0 ,  \\.,]I d r ( 1 i ,,l   ,l il. 
 deeply plowed.   A)~ci, l ; illfileri,,r, 
 planit'. ('111ti\volh   ',I'tlgl  ;tý  1(.11 "  ; -: 
 * ,'ii--  w ill  ti-i-i  it.  Ibio I  hlt l   xx  i].v. 
 ]or -irl v friuit -ii- -I lil'i ff' nod 
 ('11 lk.'s  Enl+;ry  ,Icw ,  l.l ; f1,1  l r  ]:It(, 
 Stllke ;1d ihlt-h]"-... lxr fit-a.x fri itli 
 lPonderosii,  ,sioglezh  .,Wiii  lhure  mil 
 slake or lrli.Try.v   lryi     with 
 lh 'h-ul-tix  f,,I  li,' h  u.,l  other 'ligh- 
 "olls dis'eatScs.  Do, ll,)  neg'he.  to, S w' 
 clhoice>.t  frt'lit  l'r ill  hvst  pl,]itt  f*,rT 
 se-d(l  foir  ]I(' x i yt i 
         PARTMENT, U. OF W. 
      t;u.  iraw  ;),,, I  wv~l.  tlkl~i+g  t' v,,ym 
 rvIl~tivv,  h,  o)llw  lmt(h'.  whlich  I  ]mdl 
 fool. hy Mr. \V. W  . \lJ. l."y. Hle 1m- 
 gi\veql  his  coIli+'vilt  tl,  ]lwv;e  lh s('.'-I  llth- 
 lisli il. -,i  I  ilm .sendli '  tlwill.  'llh(,e 
 I xi' 9. 
 noiAteta be wiite-l eteil ii the  tolly ], 
 tArtineu 1:t will lontiltue its %.-ht I)-i 
 ,'-olu   p l), l otl r,  111;1  ] f.(' lroited  ot 
 the .stationu  this  11111:1 I,r  ;lre+ l; l 
 lweeta i lugswior.  tViugI, tlhitt - 1;l- 
 itio it; ili t (;il iert." 
 "W   illillil  ]Bell  is  hyv  f:11r  the+  he+,t 
 strawl)(rry i u iditm iy  ill  thit,  p)it,-}h 
 this . v e: r.  (1 ].vdi,  is  ve'ryv  p ml) din-.ti\e,, 
 I'llt of poo(r (1lt:1ity." 
 "El dhorlido will sulqdpplll 
 :ill o)ther vilricties +is s,,,,u ils itsý triue 
k-rallie is kilowil." 
  These are M\r+ Mloyle'.- lproplhecie.s. 
  You Ilay b~e interested lit tlhe to]_ 
  lowing notes: "The horticultural dc- 
partment will continue   its orchardn 
+praying  work  dluring the co(mingz 
ý(Iiasoll ill the fo)llowin~g philces: Oil 
The best plant-maker, most healthy, vigorous, productive, and the best seller
of forty varieties grown by us the past eight years. The La Follette is a
ling of President McKinley and originated in our nurseries, being selected
several thousand seedlings grown by W. J. Moyle as the best in the lot. We
have tried it out under all conditions, and it has proved a winner every
out yielding all others, being large, firm, good color aud bringing the top
price on the market. 
           Price 50c per 12, $2.00 per 100, $15.00 per 1000 
           50 and 100 Rates by Mail Postage Paid 
Special  Offer   to  Readers   of   the  Wisconsin    Horticulture 
To every one placing an order for 100 La Follette strawberry plants b)efore
April the first we will give free any one of the following premiums.  12
Stevens Late Champion strawberry plants, 5 Hlardy grape vines assorted colors,
or 5 Dudley apple trees one year grafts. 
Wisconsin Nurseries, Union Grove, Wisconsin 
                      W. J. MOYLE, Proprietor 
%Of The Hardie Sprayers 
        Are the renowned Sprayers with 
        THE TROUBLE left out. :    : 
re best on the market for all around 
erviceability, for efficiency, for reliabil- 
r all around work. Nothing to get out 
All working parts made of brass. 
ndle a full line of Sherwin-Williams 
erial, Insecticides, Fungicides, Pruning 
ws and other Orchard Supplies. 
for Booklets. 
KEE.                      WISCONSIN 
Winter Apples of Quality 
       Gem City, Hanko and Tuttle's Winter, three great Wisconsin 
     winter apples. Quality excellent, keep in ordinary cellar until 
     spring, trees hardy. Limited quantity, delivery fall 1911 and 
     spring 1912, one year budded and one year grafted. Full line 
     other varieties apples and plums, one year only. Have discon- 
     tinued growing fruit trees with top older than one year. Have dis- 
     continued dealing in nursery stock and sell only our own grown. 
     Our soil is a heavy upland clay on whicn we grow stock of a 
     superior quality and we make a specialty of fruit trees for planting
     commercial orchards. Catalogue and circulars. 
Henry Lake Sons Co., Nurserymen 
                Black River Falls, Wisconsin 

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