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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 9: May, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

Page 12

inot-io of' fac(ts;, exp~erient(ces  mllid  sung- 
go,-timis relative to fruit cu.lture, and 
ill i,,  othe'r  in im e.r  c'w   this  bv  ;I('- 
,.,,lo lishiel  Ihtte.r  th m  th,, 
coh,,I lllý  Itf'  a ,good .sized, . well  e, lI rd, 
'Fw i,I  w fl  ill, l ciql v ., tl v  .i,,d'wr 
IIt I'.V " so 1 1l , t I i I I! I_ 1 1'' t ]111gi l " .11 th ,
II t 14 I. %  sI' llll hll~ i - ' lt l o lrc( i' tholl  tl' ill ,- 
,l].olol (dt' h, . ; H . ,,ti~ . 
'I . I y ;,~ ~ i . Ii j  It  I t .- 
    Iff 11 - -- ,  ty  ! ., ,  I  n, ' i,. .se,  I  , 
 it, - , it ,.I iI,, . I, . , . r i 
 kI -gi-I.  ;:'i'i v ;m l  ;I  I ilr lid  lw1,  I 't 
 i I  :I  s"oc( i(e   t " v   I h ll- , ('I 1 ,"1 t 1  :111d[
 -;11*4' ,   1 1  : - 4,11 i r_  tirllt  t0 z1'r'e  is  -,-'irt 
 I5v :I q fII -. r I . , I ,,I\ . I th(' , I, dI l Ih,, 
 M m id  d,I  , lv, I,  t  I.  I  II 'I, I I It  , -f  tht(  ill 
 "l-v l e  ;Illl  l is(  I"   ;tlp  Id \',  tI l t!( 
 I it ;  ,it z ,  I IIV I  11, 1  :1 t t , ,, 1-:1   : I r,'l , 
 I It oi t(, t o -  u vt ] Y  I ll ' v, In ,, t  1 f  hr i.1 1 
 .ll .I i p \ \V I ;,. I l. l 11 ;I o t I, ,,'IttII 
 I I tl o gfll ero" I~ ,,  f1'  I -.  h II I  II- ,, .th I I -I 
 s i ll-. II IN, h ,~   ,to I h~ t, II, I   ,111 11, I  Ih~ 
 i,, ,k      Iof o,.       I',l , I(m . r; ;.I I t'II 
 tht          I-. h t '. I .he. ,, (.thl I.  I 
 I I IIgaz i I14-  tilh,,I  wI h  foc't'  : 1 1 i 
 f, 1l'l il  I t i ,   I~ t 'Ilr ' '.: Ii I  Id .  II(,  fi  t  I, 
 Ii t'llnr l  "'-hilp :1.   illfil oll icel. 
                   M''l:, , .  M .  I I," -. 
   it  i r' . l"vi o I IY i- lf, I ].(,;(I t I Ic 
:1l I' ti l I  o  )  A iill  li't"  'r   Ii it'r..  It I .- 
I II  II ýr-  II l ;l\ I lll t l yw1 1. N.Il  so  ,v  ;tilll  1, o,-il
, I 
fi  v  I- I ;i I  I; IIt IIIi  I I   IlI Il I I. lil th  I " I  th e
  I I :I\' v   1li ltr I  (   f  Itii~   ;I  t IhI  I Is:IIi t I 
I IL('i'N  i  - iet I  IJ   ;11 VIt'ClW.  11 list  f6  1' 
th~ill  g I  I  t frI IIii l  (.Ji I  I)e  to c)'O i ( ýq  ill 
AN'isc, Illll,]  ]I ,  I ll's I  I(-  i  ('itll.S. 
  Such'] t rep ý  ; ii  I  hlitvt, - l ii(( I II I ItI l 
the  I ri'lit I I  f  tlit(,  , ve r  ]hitve  il]\I w y, 
dolle wvell Trho>se. pi~lllte. ll h  till 
ftll I   I i r A   llr(   xi ) - l  i sohIi IItv  fit ihii  res. 
lI ri( r to 1906  1 1)h1in ted  t wo sinaill 
;iipjil(ý oirchar!ds, ofp ablout sixty\ t rcv(-; 
   (':1'11 ii'   " vl  I -,ir  phin  mind  chei(rry 
r1htiri of aiboit il hiiiidrid trovs 1 lnd 
il h   n - Ii 's. i lif i i l.I)tlit lifi ll wit  t 
-litilhil.h lici'e. 
  lit lx \-ii .5 ;it  ill ii d 11 ,1 ir iu-   (eli'i   i ll 
,1\\;irt'i pcI1 r  t1 rcf 1'i   ril  inii   ilslt ill, 
t lil "t \ I  I  , ti  -iiit ( .4 1  1 i f r '  tii r   t i 're .1 I
tIll l l I il ii. I1h I r.'(- l it il-. : I l l lip a Ilo 
rr l l~i iiy  : i   hlioit wr   1 h'i1-i id   ( ideli it llý- 
-e l, il    n il' ri. t' , I lIl' 1'( 1Ir11 ig . ;lx 
lhiii' I.  I  iii ill  rlix-   'f  t   lif- N'';Ir. 
-1'i'lit-xl.  luxi ItIgII  I)1 tlniI- Iu -  l g'  .ii-W 
   T h   V   011V   I  xi i I ll I t  ll' Iii i II  I iI't vI 
   r\' at' lit  xx( i 1 1111 l llli  tI n'h(i  hilvri 
I  ." dhI I t !c i ls i f. I ir t re n t' I II 
   ..I,(i)  T , t Ives.  were' sevend I\ 
grixxt  litk  ill  to qii  ;I lI tu-   it  n I r-  (;ii'c- 
filiI v  i r  tii   It ri ;I'  u ,; r Ii  t i  ,i-t. 
11i1i  l l i t i if,  i(-  ,'ro io lld  11i1(  h(,,li 
doeldl N  III vr,   till  ]- h' l le -t' ( I ' Liir 1111 
01111  deel.  t .  i t. s list  bel  it,,~ koplt  si-p- 
ýll'*;l l ,.  e.very r,V  If it  (.;Ii'refil]\ 11 i'r Hy   I  l(]
    i,,vi~'ed llil~ I ,v liv  miid  ;iili]  packe.;d. 
Th'le l,,p ýoil Vwos shovehed ill ;Ilidl 
Ir1llillped  to)  w\ilhili  twol  in(ohls  of  tIl,, 
,illl'falc .  ihlil  till,  sllb ol  w osi p\ii-  lll  oill 
  T h'll  iv.(,I   hodI  Iwl.,  II-.1chd  ill  o1"'' 
ii rri \  :, I  o id  \;('1",'  l i;.(iie   ill)  ;I  fh  -   it t 
:1 ftilii , thI e I- I i, ki' I -1 i c \(' [,\ I \\'d \ 1i :1 
ptl  I, q . l  1111 o h It 1 1( I I 1r(-'w ' l I t I It 
tI I II, r,,r  r I.  t:  fro  Ill  I l ,('  mi iil ' I d" rIY  . 
  W ]tI  |1t , n   ill(.  : I ill( l re I I  Iv I I   \V; I y 
III t hi.  sp. ring7,  iII II l i ~s t  r~ il, gw IIII i thI 
t he 1llvrcs  ill gooild  c.idil ioli  (,ver'ly  ii'n'v 
ýIh-uhll grow. 
  I  wouhld Il t go> o tf  I  s''I ,  1  : th I ; i r 
tlI-ecs.  1  woullld  hilly  (if,  soillel, iiiil.scryv- 
III III  h,  tIv e'ls  'il  1t :11lll e(  I ( I  Irllle  (  l a11111!. 
to,, I , I. Ifh.I ive red  ill  goo,,d  <',,.ditll,>. 
lhe'll  phmiil  lhril  I A I lo   ol\Vll  risk.  I 
\\ wild l]Jolil t rl r~il i y ;Il-  de'- 
s(,rilwll,  lilil\iii   till!  h l.h,s  (~   ,III - jus t 
lillicild  (if,  Iiii .  I  w m duid  fill  ill  olr  [,lo .,seli 
Ililt,  ý 1s oil> ,i]  t1r:1111)  it  dow ii,  iplit  ill 
-,on wl t'.1),  soil  III  til-,  pr pi.llI  depth  II,. 
s(-(ý  thiil  'It  \\-:I.  d(  li, 11c lip lql  till'  ila~ll 
oft "hohld the plow\ o.r dr'ivv" ;1l1(1 thlr;s 
;I ,'Ih(   rll i d h; I I I t ,   ii llh IlO ,  \\'] . 
I  I if I Ied  wt-n pr(,   - y i I i'ils. (-itI If -d  wh IipIs. 
'lh'yw v ll\t 111v  o(I I ..;rilI q  (o 1  older  t ree kt .;  1 
l'r lx\v  tIh t  I iiii I k I ((.iiise  oif,  tI eirI.  Ii, tl- 
te v I' (io  svs t ei . I I,  1so  the i~\illa(  it Itit (e 
MWi( has tol 'dhI ; I)v the  top to 0Suit. 
           Consisting of 
  Strawberries, Raspberries, Black- 
berries, Currants, Gooseberries, Grape 
Vines, Asparagus, Rhubarb, etc. 
  Ornamental and Flowering Shrubs, 
Vines and Perennials. Roses Ever- 
greens etc. 
  If you would like to see a reallp 
good Catalogue we would be glad 
to send you ours. It has more than 
fifty pages and describes everything 
in the plainest langauge without 
any extravagant or overdrawn de- 
The Coe, Converse 8 Edwards Co. 
    Wisconsin's Largest Nursery 
Nursery Stock 
  Complete assortment of Fruit 
  and Ornamental stock in all 
  varieties suited to northern cul- 
  ture.   A specialty of Hardy 
  Shade Trees, Windbreak Stock, 
  Evergreens (Coniferous), Decid- 
  uous Shrubs, Apples and Na- 
  tive Plums. 
1500 Acres     Established 1868 
May, 1911 

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